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    Hi everyone

    Hoping you would all send a little prayer to Bess who has been so poorly this week.  Thought she had had a stroke, but vet believes she has vestibular syndrome.  Its been devastating and so frightening until I read up about it.  Thought several times I would be placing her in the garden before the day was out.  Hoping she will be making a recovery soon but thought a few good vibes might help.


    fingers and paws crossed here  :-*


    fingers and paws crossed :-* and sending best wishes


    Thank q.  We are trying to hold it together and be optimistic    k9 + Bess


    White light and good thoughts for Bess


    Thinking of her lots, its amazing how they make you think thats it then pull round again  :-*


    Everything crossed here for her  :-*


    Aww am keeping fingers crossed for your lovely old girl  :-*


    all fingers and paws crossed here for u both



    Thanks everyone.
    There has been some improvement in the last few days.  She can keep her food down now and her eyes are back to normal.  Now we are dealing with the ‘vertigo’ dizziness and headtilt.  We are camping downstairs and all the sharp edges in the room are covered with blankets (we do look scruffy but dont care)  She is trying to deal with the room tilting when she walks but thanks to a harness I can keep her out of most dangers.  Hope she is back toddling about soon as she is 14half and really needs to keep those legs strong. It seems to be a common ailment esp for older dogs but I’d never heard of it, and its been horrendous.  Thanks for all your kind wishes they have been much appreciated.
    k9 and Bess


    All the very best to ol’ Bess  :-*


    oh I am glad there is some improvement keeping fingers crossed still Bess  :-*



    i suffer badly from vertigo and my heart goes out to your lovely old girl because its distressing enough as a human knowing whats going on let alone as a doggie.

    i get injections (u can also get different strength tablets too) to stop the sick feeling and help with not getting too dehydrated – might these help her i wonder?  the injection is like working straight away you go from not being able to move to bouncing about in literally no time.

    claire x


    Only just seen this.. sorry to hear about beautiful Bess  – how is she now?  :-*


    Hi Xtine
    Bess is much improved.  She is such a brave girl.  She’s walking quite well now with just the corners wobbly, however she still cant do steps which req her taking her front paws off the floor (and I dont blame her!) so we are still camping downstairs at night.  Her appetite is back to nornal and she had a little play and bark at teatime yesterday. We are taking only very short walks but she loves to get out and see her pals oska and fred and this has made a difference to her.  Got her a harness to steady her and this has been a godsend. Will be putting a page on my web about our days with Vestibular to try and help and comfort others who go through it.  Give Fritz a hug from me.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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