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    Cara was an abused dog, she was owned by a gamekeeper kept in a kennel and had pups every year he used to register them under diff bitches but Cara was the one they used, we know this as the gamekeeper who was looking after her for his boss handed her in, as he knew she was finished, she had her last litter at 11 years of age. I saw her photo amd after reading about her story immediately offered her a home she came up to me in May 4kg’s underweight,not housetrained, front legs spleyed, but I soon got her onto a good diet, and she started gaining weight. My vet was shocked and angry at the state she was in, she suspected cruelty as well as there were old scars under her chin, and she didn;t bark, she had to be speyed and have a nipple removed which was the size of your thumb, and some teeth removed. Everyone who met Cara fell in love with her, she wass the gentlest, loving  dog, never left your side. My vet did tell me that because of the way she was treated., she might noit live long, but I didn;t expect it so soon.


    :'( You can take comfort from the fact she lived out her days with you and a much better life than she ever thought possible  :-*


    thanks for posting mary…..i know how hard it is to take these damaged oldies..they reach a part of the heart that is exclusive to them….you gave her the best 6 months of her hard life and she at least knew what happiness and love could be like and that would have been a huge comfort to her…..not many would have taken her on in the state she was in

    hugs  :-*


    {{{hugs}}} to you Mary – although you didn’t have her long that 6 months was the best time for her, you did her proud  :-*


    can only echo what the others said – you did her proud  :-*


    oh bless her heart – at least she got some luck in her life – she fell on her feet when she found you to help her. and such a beautiful girl.  :-*


    from the picture you have there of her i had no idea she was that age – i thought she was about 4 or 5 – so you must have some magic in your hands.  :-*


    ((Hugs Mary)) I bet the last six months have been heaven for her


    you did her proad and she spent the remainder of her life happy ((hugs)) to you :-*

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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