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Cass Made The Local News! (sort of) lol

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    I read a letter the other week in our local paper that really annoyed me, from a woman who’s cat was attacked by a dog and she was basically tarring all dog owners with the same brush. She was totally anti dog & was ranting on about dangerous dogs & making completely ridiculous and inaccurate claims about certain breeds so i decided to set the record straight & sent a letter to the press and to my surprise my letter was in it today!

    Here is her letter –

    Dogs need to be kept in control

    Friday, 08 August 2008

    I EMPATHISE with the owner of the dog that got viciously attacked in the park by three German shepherds and all he was left with was a vet’s bill to pay and nothing was done about the dogs (Advertiser, July 30). They are killer dogs and we know this from news reports where children were victims.
    I had a similar experience where a young owner from our area had two Staffordshire terriers and used to let them run loose in the street. Three times they were seen chasing my cat. Two witnesses saw them and once when I was just about to open my front door to leave with some friends, we caught one of the dogs running up the garden path, heading for my house. If we had not shut the front door in his face, he would have come in and either attacked one of us or the cat.
    He had it in for my cat and eventually one day he caught him, ripped his leg muscles and tore the wall of his abdomen. He had to be operated on by a vet and luckily no interior damage was found. He was kept in hospital for ten days and finally when I took him home I also received a bill of £1,800.
    When I reported these dogs to the RSPCA and told them the story, they were sorry about my cat, but their main concern was the welfare of the dogs, which I could not sympathise with. I have heard no more from them, nor what became of these dogs.
    The police were involved with this case and the officer concerned was very adamant about the whole thing. He was obviously an aggressive-dog lover and actually defended them by saying “It’s a dog’s thing to chase after cats and that’s what they do”.
    There should be a law which states who should own a dog and which does not allow these kids to keep them as fashion accessories. Bring back the dog licence!
    xxxxxx xxxx
    Wood Green

    And here is my reply –

    Let’s stop prejudice over breeds of dogs

    Thursday, 21 August 2008

    IN response to xxxxxx xxxx (Advertiser, August 6), I would like to offer the perspective of a responsible dog owner.
    I am very interested in her claim that “German shepherds are known to be killer dogs because we have seen news reports where children are the victims” – perhaps she can refer me to one of these reports because, unless I live in a cave, I think she might be getting her breeds mixed up and needs a bit more research before making such ludicrous claims.
    As much as I sympathise with her over her cat being attacked by a dog that was not being properly controlled, I think that it is very unfair of her to tar all dogs and their owners with the same brush. I could just as easily say the same about cat owners who seem quite happy to shirk their responsibilities when their cats are busy fouling all over my garden every day (but I bet she will not want to talk about that!).
    If I allowed my dog to foul all over other people’s gardens I would never hear the last of it, but for some reason it’s okay for their cats to foul all over my garden because they don’t have to clear up after their pets. Does that make all cat owners irresponsible, then?
    I go to great lengths to train my dog to a high standard and we can be seen training on Palmers Green High Street most mornings. Perhaps, instead of paying lip service to breed prejudice with her biased and inaccurate claims, xxxxxx xxxx would like to take the opportunity to come and meet my rottweiler Cass and watch one of our regular training sessions to see for herself that not all dog owners are irresponsible, and not all dogs are killers.
    As much as I agree that there needs to be some kind of dog licence brought back, I’m afraid that this will not stop dogs from chasing cats or prevent irresponsible people from being irresponsible.
    M Dine
    Palmers Green


    LOl,well said Mark!  I always see letters in the paper i want to complain about but never get round to it  ::)


    well done mark ..

    pm’ed you but you off line so i have  😉


    well done mark that was realy good ;D


    Oops, i didn’t think about the names, never mind it’s done now. I am just chuffed that my letter made the press & at least gave those of us who don’t deserve to be lumped in the same bracket as the owners of those pesky killer GSD’s (that are aparently eating people’s children all the time) the right to reply. LOL


    Good for you Mark, am pleased they printed it too  :-*

    You might have just attracted some more attention to your training tho  😀


    Yeah right – like a fluorescent jacket hasn’t already done that? LOL  ;D


    Very well put Mark  ;D


    Oh well done MArk needed saying and very well put to – let us know if they write a response  😉

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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