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    The Companion Animal Welfare Council want to phase out some breeds because “the benefits of breeding them cannot outweigh ‘welfare costs’.”

    “Work is gathering pace to tackle genetic diseases in a variety of species and breeds,” the report reads. “But might there be some cases in which, rather than trying to select for improved health it would be better on welfare grounds to recommend that certain strains or breeds should not be perpetuated?”


    Wow, is that ever going to get ugly!  :what:

    Didn’t the nazis have somewhat the same idea?    It will be very interesting how this takes shape.  How on earth are ‘they’ going to choose which breeds “qualify” for extinction. How are “they” going to have any impact outside of the UK?

    I agree that something has to be done, but this ain’t it.

    Like I said, this will be very interesting.


    let’s see;

    gundogs: I like them but we have supermarkets so we don’t need them anymore – so they can go

    hounds: I like them but they don’t do much hunting anymore plus the supermarket thing again – so they can go

    pastorals: I like them but they’re a pointless anachronism – so they can go

    guarddogs: I like them but we have security companies for their job – so they can go

    companion dogs: I like them but good grief, who needs mental stability, comfort and a lower blood pressure? We have doctors and chemicals for that – they can go too

    It appears to me that we don’t need dogs at all.

    and what about cats?! I mean they’ve never done ANYTHING! They can definitely go.


    Nick  ;D  ;D totally agree on the cats  :laugh:

    But seriously what do they think that will acheieve – how about STOPPING people making new breeds and help establish those we have?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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