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    In this weeks our dogs is an advert for Challenge dog food:

    Currently the Challenge range of premium foods is spear-headed by two fresh salmon based products

    Challenge Adult Salmon and Potato

    Challenge Puppy Salmon and Rice

    Working closely with a UK manufacturer, Sharon and Angela have developed these two new foods which have 26% fresh salmon as their first main ingredient.


    Not much info on what else is in it. :-\

    I thought too much Salmon was bad for dogs?


    In the Challenge Puppy Salmon and Rice we have also included MSM

    whats MSM. :help: i too can’t seem to find any other information about what else is in it? ???


    dunno but they give it to horses with arthritis  :ok:


    MSM Methylsulfonylmethane reduces inflammation


    Salmon is not “bad” for dogs, raw salmon carries a nasty parasite in some parts of the world.


    It look quite good to me – my dog requires a hypo allengenic diet so will found and more.
    Think any thing will fresh fish should be suitable and salmon is proabaly better.  What do you think?


    Salmon and potato etc diets already exist, what makes this one special?


    Maybe the owners Sharon is very well known in the ring and on the field for her GWP I love them.

    [quote author=Sweetypye link=topic=12372.msg239380#msg239380 date=1220626293]
    Salmon and potato etc diets already exist, what makes this one special?


    That is my point, is it the food that is better or the fact that the Bareve kennel name/Sharon and Barbara etc  is behind it?


    I have asked for sample and information – they were very helpful.  
    (Will let you know how it goes and if my boy likes it.)
      A nice lady called Sharon Pinkerton came to the phone to answer my questions herself and when I asked her about the food she said she really wanted to know exactly what she was feeding her dogs, so decided she would make a food that had every thing she felt needed.
    she said other foods say “fish” or “salmon” but also have other things such as dried chicken meal or fish meal in which are not fresh but preserved.  She did say I could ring her if I had any other questions which was good.  I only have one spoilt pooch so dont know alot about all the different foods and all this about show and working dogs and what they need.
      Who else does Salmon & Potato? Would be pleased to hear.  
    I have only one dog, very fussy eater, (would really like to eat my dinners!)
    any suggestion what I could try if this does not suit?


    Aren’t Bareve sponsored by Hills?  Im sure i saw it in our dogs or something  ???


    Ok I am trying not be argumentative here but……..

    Fresh salmon is no longer fresh salmon when it has been processed into dry dog food; that is like going into a restaurant and getting frozen salmon instead of fresh………..

    Not sure what is exactly in this cos cannot get ingredients page.


    😀 😀 😀  I have 2 vizsla`s and they love this challenge food
    they have garlic & herb have tryed a few diffrent kind`s but
    this 1 is a hit with them ;D ;D ;D


    I am sure it is fab, just not sure it brings anything new to the market from what I can see.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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