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    charging the clicker:

    throw lots of small high quality treats on the floor – small cubes of cheese are good
    as s/he eats them click each one s/he picks up
    then offer one out of palm of hand – as s/he eats it click
    then start to mix it up – sometimes one on the floor sometimes from the hand
    don’t speak at all – don’t click if he doesn’t eat the treat

    will take about 50 – 70 treats – the clicker is charged when the dog looks at the floor or your hand when you pick up the clicker – do this for 3 sessions – nothing else – then you can start.


    please miss … my dog wont eat the treats


    and …… 😉 so whats the problem?


    [quote author=rooooooooby link=topic=3877.msg216873#msg216873 date=1211221466]
    please miss … my dog wont eat the treats

    Use another reward then 🙂


    the problem is she has been conditioned not to pick food up from the floor or take from hands.

    thats almost a “good thing” but it sure as hell puzzled me !!!!


    can she not be taught that the click means she can have the treat off the floor/hands?

    hmmm but then how do you get her to eat them :-\… does she not have any treats ever?


    can you not put them in a bowl or something or would that confuse her?



    i forgot to say – its only conditioned strongly indoors, she is willing allbeit very anxiously to charge outdoors.  i did the very last (and best) treat from my hand and she came over took it and lept a mile when i clicked even on softest soft click and i had to push the treat over to her 🙁

    honestly, you’ve no idea just how scared and anxious she is poor baby 🙁

    claire x


    put the clicker behind your back


    oh thats nothing claire, honey not only jumped a mile but shot behind the sofa and refused to come out first time I ever tried a clicker!! I guess I sort of got it charged in that she knows a click means a treat – but she wears the most petrified expression on her face ive given up with it, it no a fun way for her to learn  🙂


    it was behind my back and under a coat  😮

    see i do try and think !!


    nope – it doesnt work with all dogs – so take care claire – you dont want to re-enforce the anxiety – does she like squeaky toys – do they faze her at all?


    i know – only did the once 🙂

    dunno – she doesnt “do” toys – i’ll check but i would imagine she’ll poopp herself


    Bev Honey doesnt like squeaky toys either  :-[ if shes playing and one squeaks she will spit it across the room with a look of disgust/worry on her face, but she dont mind if Buster squeaks them  ??? sorry dont want to hijack  :-\


    it ok suz – does honey work for anything ?  because misty isnt fussed really about food or treats ?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 57 total)
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