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    CHC was *fab* . . .  me being me, i didnt agree with it all, i didnt even accept some of it BUT what i did bring away is going to be so valuable to me and my dogs 😀

    I learned ….

    I am doing the right thing not vaccinating and I wouldnt ever risk another dog again.
    My dogs need me to feed them raw food and I have promised to take positive steps towards this.

    and more importantly ….

    My William dog is really REALLY happy  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D  You all know how worried i’ve been about him – well I took him on Sunday and I learned such alot about him.  He was such a good boy!! 

    more later . . .

    Claire x

    p.s. Val – we missed you, william missed you, and your Chester came up in convo 😀

    p.p.s. Bev – we missed you aswell … no other clumber peeps tho 😉

    p.p.p.s.  OMG !!!! no-one prepared me for wild packs of roaming aberdeen angus cows and calves or horses lol !!!!!  how totally surreal but wills was a good boy 🙂


    i missed it and you lot…g;ad you had a good time..

    debate would be good…so what did you disagree with  🙂


    Was an amazing weekend, will have to write up everything I have learnt later as it all going round at the moment!

    Claire, was lovely to see you again! and of course Sweet William!  :-*



    ok – my “biggie” was lepto vaccination :

    Did you know  …..?

    1 – it only protects your dog for *3 – 6 months*
    2 – it only contains *three* of the many hundreds of lepto strains
    3 – as it transfers from humans to animals there are records kept of cases … when Catherine searched, she couldnt find any such records.
    4 – it is a rare disease in dogs, humans are more likely to catch it from intense contact with farm animals

    also claimed was …

    as the vaccination only protects for 3 – 6mths and only 3 strains, it is likely its not in the environment

    i’m not sure i quite agree as …

    so many dogs are vaccinated, when dogs are done they shed vaccine and i would think that at the moment this is enough to protect all the “unprotected” and “homeopathically treated” dogs from the 3 strains pretty much all the time (and it makes sense these are the 3 ‘most common’ but it doesnt say how similar the receptor sites of the others are – perhaps the vaccine may protect??) . 

    and she also said …

    when a group of dogs were tested they all had immunity already – this must mean that they’d been in contact with the virus or a dog shedding vaccine droplets.

    however …

    it is the vaccine with the most connections to post-vaccination illness.

    and …

    Mary (Beardoni) who is a whizzy lab person agree’d with Catherine that you could still be immune even if you failed a titre as the body only needs 1 cell “remembering” the illness to react.

    (hope this is all right – Izzie feel free to add / correct)


    i’ve split my posts to seperate the issues out a bit 🙂

    raw (or not) feeding.

    i didnt really learn anything that i didnt already know – commercial foods are devoid of ‘natural’ nutrition and full of waste products (waste grains from end of mill, waste beaks/feet etc… from animal processing etc…..)

    Catherine reccommends AMP whereas I’m sure someone on here said it wasnt that good.  I dont have freezer space for any so we have to see about a new freezer before going raw.  Diet stuff wasnt as in depth as I would have liked – it didnt go into breed specific diets in any detail or make any suggestions beyond ‘feed the whole animal’ (euwww) about how you might structure such a diet apart from Catherine splits her “bones” from her “food” – I know there are debates about this tho this wasnt covered why. 

    Having said that if you’re “a believer” in kinesiology (muscle testing) then I shouldnt be giving William Beef (and indeed the beef bones bev brought us made him ill and poo shards, and i had to take him off beef-based dog food a looong time ago.  Lamb and Chicken he is OK with, and he is also OK with wheat so the LB bikkies are fine for him.)

    Claire x


    my goals were

    1 – find out why i am not vaccinating other than ‘bev said its not good’
    2 – more encoragement and simplify raw feeding so i can manage it and adapt it for my dogs
    3 – find out about the witchywoos

    as i’ve covered 1 and 2 … my last “info” post is about witchywoooooooooooos

    we briefly covered things like t-touch, accupuncture, bach remedies, homeopathy … but focussed on kinesiology and EFT.

    I had heard of Kinesiology before and from the session ended up less sure of it after the session than before especially as Debs was apparently not allergic to poisonous frogs (tho i think she could probably fight it with sheer determination).  Much of it seemed horribly obvious tho it did ‘ring true’ for wills and beef and she couldnt have know that.  I just dont have the confidence in myself to trust my own body on it – today I have apparently been called claire, fred, wotsit, biggles etc …. with the finger circle thing!!  All in all … horribly uncomfortable experience having to get up and interact in close personal space.

    EFT – the lovely welsh pet shop owner who was sat next to me had sore shoulders, they’d been so sore she’d struggled to get her arm up for the Kin with me.  After 3 sessions of this she was able to almost touch hands over her head pain free.  That seemed quite genuine and lovley Mary well deserved to have her headache removed too 🙂  However, “programming the unconscious to remotely provide full treatment of a persons husband when they say a cue word” . . . was several steps too far for me and I struggled to stop smirking.  I also didnt much care for the retort “EFT will sort that” to a few peoples aches and pains through the weekend either. 

    harry is up … 🙂


    ive bought AMP stuff from pets at home – the quality is sh*te – also had it delived as well because i kind of thought will try it that way instead – and it was even worse

    had landywoods stuff delivered as well – and that wasnt exactlly brill – actually it mostly got thrown as it was totally minging and far to expensive for its own good



    aah you know i think it was you that said originally 😉

    all in all – the course is worth going on BUT be prepared to step outside your comfort zone especially if you dont like close contact

    claire x


    well to me the whole concept of feeding raw/homecooked etc is that you dont give your dogs anything you wouldnt eat yourself (well thats my own theory anyway) and there aint no way id eat that from amp or landywoods its discusting and makes me want to vomit  :vomit:


    trouble is – if i did that my dogs would have a shite diet


    Glad to hear you enjoyed the weekend Claire, I also couldn’t make it :boooo:  But Rob has kindly moves my deposit to a one day course on Holistic stuff in the spring.  So I don’t completely miss out after all! :tease:


    Ok,  what I learnt from Catherine O Driscoll


    With the vaccines the virus is cultivated on proteins – usually monkey brains,  Bovine brains, etc – the vaccine is injected into the dog- with part of the proteins in the vaccination – so basically you are putting a foreign body into the dogs system.

    Vaccinations have shown to cause auto-antibodies which attack the dog’s DNA


    It take 4 hours for raw food to be processed by the dog and 14 hours for dried food!

    The holistic side was really interesting too!

    I enjoyed that and I know a few people were blown away by it all.

    Bare with me, am still trying to get all my notes together!

    The dowsing was interesting as was the kineology- I found out that I  shouldn’t have whole milk, coffee, wheat, chocolate or sugar. But I can have tea, apples and pineapple!

    The EFT I have seen in action before and Viv’s recovery was amazing.

    I like all this stuff anyway and have an interest but found it amazing to see it in action.

    William was a little star too, you should be proud of him Claire.  :-*

    I made some new friends and contacts who are happy to help me with some aspects of my course which is great!  ;D ;D

    It was disappointing to see so few people there but having the smaller class made everyone feel more comfortable!

    I would recommend it to everyone! You learn about yourself not just dogs!  🙂


    More on food- am still decyfering notes here!

    A dog can recover from skin problems, eye, ear problems, etc with a simple adjustment to any vitamins they are missing.

    Neem chews are meant to be good for immune boosting, repelling fleas and ticks.

    We did discuss briefly the problems with rawhide chews, and after some research I found the neem chews are handmade from proper ingredients!

    Nutrients can be used theraputically to alliviate inherited diseases.

    Some dogs may have a higher need for specific nutrients.

    Drugs used to treat conditions can make some nutirents unavailable.

    Vitamin C defiency may be the cause of several inherited diseases including: Hip Dysplacia, lameness, Arthritus, Spinal Myeopathy, Ruprtered disc, skin problems. (Wendell Belfield)

    Wendell Belfied suspects that HD in dogs is very similar to scurvy in humans.

    Got lots and lots of references to research too!  😮


    also a link to canine herpes and HD


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=12681.msg244991#msg244991 date=1223923989]
    also a link to canine herpes and HD

    she miht have mentioned that, but I cannot remember :-[

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