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    Where’s the Christmas thread?  It’s just days away! I haven’t bought a single thing yet and probably wont till Friday/Saturday morning. 

    TBH, it’s a bit of a burden. 

    Merry Christmas everyone.


    haha…looks like you have just started it hun  ;D

    i havent started yet either…not enough time  ::)

    mery christmas to you and yours xx


    Are you a christmas person Bev?  I think it’s more a women/child/family thing and me being a single guy….

    Do you get the dogs anything?


    yep we a xams family…but we a big family and new generations of babes and kids alway growing up…have a new granson this year so it is his first xmas…look for the ‘nanny’ post…you will see him with his nanny dog…a staffy called lucy  🙂

    our dogs always get and always have had a stocking each…hung on the mantle when the decs go up and then filled xmas morning and hung on the door…we have 45 minutes of total total madness where the house gets totally wrecked  ;D  they all know what xmas morning is…it is taught to each new dog by the ones in residence…there are pics in my photobucket…Bev_052 password amilou…if you want to look…we then open our pressies and they give us ones from them to us…i buy mo’s she buys mine lol …we then have a pork pie cheese and toast breccy…which they share…clear up the mess…then we walk them and they settle for the day while we do our thing…we always up about 5am on xmas morning…it bedlam  ;D ;D
    written in stone…the way it was done when i was a kid… 🙂


    Have got nearly everyone’s except the parents

    Mind, dad had his early as he needed his!

    Next year hoping for the parents to go to older brother’s rather than be here to ruin it for me again, else am buggering off 

    this year, mum decided to tell me what one of my brothers had bought me  >:( she manages to ruin it for me each year, last 2 yrs involved me wrapping my own presents, so I didnt bother wrapping them  ::)


    Love Christmas  🙂 Defo makes it having children  :yes: I’m all done apart from some food shopping which will be delivered by Asda on Friday  ;D Just got a couple of things left to wrap!

    Sky’s had her present early… a new comfy bed!! She’ll get a couple to open on the day too  :-*

    Hope everyone has a fab time xxx


    I have bought nothing yet.

    James wants an ipod max – new edition fingy – he will get that and his stocking full of cds, dvds, guitar fings, chocolate coins, satsuma, lego all the usual and some money to spend in sales for new clothes

    Pandy wants cook school day with Martin Wishart (which I will obviously need to accompany him on) and winter wheels for bike.  He will also get stocking full of gadgety stuff.

    I wants Pink Nikon camera and new glasses and new shoes and new bags and new blender fingy and crueset stuff and new bike clothes and a new winter coat and pamper day and sweets and chocolates and pink fings and scarfs and loads of stuff from lush and percy pigs and new watch and ear rings and socks and dressing gown and more fings and even more fings……………….

    Not that I am selfish but Christmas is about giving so GIES it!!!

    Oh and cooking dinner as usual – lobster bisque, turkey and all trimmings, panetonne and custard/pavlova/cranberry and raspberry panacotta


    Awww Mudge if you weren’t so far away I’d invite myself to yours for dinner, your cooking always sounds yummy  :yes:


    I love cooking – I love eating
    Home made mulled wine too

    and we going to Pandy’s mum and dad’s for boxing day and I am doing pudding there too – will do somefing special for that – not decided yet


    Urgh!  Sounds all too much like hard work!

    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=16235.msg283272#msg283272 date=1324374827]
    our dogs always get and always have had a stocking each

    Is that a train set!?  You spoil them, Bev!

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]


    Victoria decided to give the vet my money this year ;D that said I have three big bags of whatever sitting here for the girls from friends and clients.
    Daughter coming for Xmas day and Boxing day then she is going home as I have to be up at silly o clock to drive to Stoudbridge in Glos as I am judging 4 breeds hope to make it back the same day if not will be camping with somebody on route.
    Have to be back for the 29th as I am rescueing a clients two boys from kennels and keeping them overnight the girls will like bossy them about and they will have someone new to play with they like visitors
    As for food I will dive round the island buying on route on the 23th and picking up more dog pressies I am sure


    sounds like my kinda Chrimbo – we are doing soup kitchen on Chrimbo night and will no doubt slot a few visits to SSPCA to help with walkies.


    lol mugs…yep sure is….she was helping…a post on here about it…that one actually i sold for £40….bargain as it came with dog slobber  ;D that extra normally  😀

    val…thought i was nuts….you nuttier  ::)


    I will probably be up about 5am!! get aeryn up early ( will be fun she is a sleep till half 7 at least normally 9am on my days off haha!!) so we can do pressies just me and her here at mine – and dogs will join in – then we all of us dogs included go seemy mate ( aeryns godmother) more pressies while the dogs wear themselves out playing with her 8!! then to my mums, mum and dad will be there and my sis her partner and their lickle baby and my gran and grandad and all 4 of our dogs! cant wait just LOVE being with my family for xmas 😀

    then quiet day boxing day ready for the trip to get my puppy!!!!


    Quiet Christmas with my parents, son sister and her husband. I will be cooking to give Mum a rest but we will be at Mum’s as it will be easier for Dad. New Year at the local working mans club

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