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    it wont be long coming i have been looking at toys treats etc for my boy and this year i will buy two one for him and one for the rescue centre and i am asking every one who is lucky to share they home with a much loved dog please please buy two we have a pets at home here and near the door is a box for food toys treats etc pop a gift in on your way out and make a homeless dog or cat happy


    I’m sure the charities will need it more than ever this year  :yes:


    Great idea, i’ve put together a little box of goodies to send to a rescue too.

    My dogs get so much that I figure they can have a little less and share with needy dogs.  :yes:


    Pandy and I are volunteering at our local rescue centre  ;D  a bit sad at times but they are so short of volunteers and even just walking doggies is a big help for them.

    So as well as treats, toys etc if you can spare a couple of hours one night a week or at weekend the please consider this also. 


    that’s great Mudgie.  I’ve just got a volunteer position with a dog rescue too, doing PR and marketing/fundraising for them, i’m really excited about getting started as i’ve written to a few rescues offering my services before this one came along.

    I’m also hoping to go back to where I got Oscar from and taking some dogs out for walkies, as the poor things only get 2 x 15 minutes a day.  I figure I can spare a sat/sunday morning for them… though I will want to take all of them home  :'(

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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