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    I have just looked in free adds and to see all the poor dogs thrown out before xmas.
    It breaks my heart, when they have all lived with their owners for years and now dont want them, with such poor excuses given to get rid!
    I look at Sadie and think God im lucky she will always come first in our house, even if i dont eat she will never starve or be thrown out……….. NO MATTER WHAT SHE DID! she came to stay ;D


    I always think that people who can throw out a dog that easily were never that committed in the first place, certainly not in the way we are. It’s like these people who allow thier dogs to suffer terrible neglect then say they couldn’t afford a vet. I am only on my benefit but that pays for pet insurance, food, vets & everything else my dog needs & i still have enough to live on afterwards. I couldn’t abandon a dog any time of the year and still sleep at night, it’s just not necessary in this day and age, even without money there are still places that will treat a sick animal if you can’t afford it.



    Yep – I know a vet who does checkups on homeless peoples dogs for them for free.  Wormers etc… are just a few pence to buy in bulk so its nothing to them really.



    I actually caught the end of a pet rescue programme on animal planet this morning, they showed a place in south London that does exactly that Claire, they provide free healthcare for the pets of homeless people & are funded by the canine defence league.


    I never get it…. How can people do it. Don’t they get attached to their dogs???
    I love mine more then anything… how can people just toss them aside so easily…??

    I have a really troublesome dog, the shepherd. I needed to change my whole LIFE for him… and I did without a second thought. His problems are inheritated. (Fearagression)
    He came out of a litter of 7 pups. I know that a few of those have been re-homed by now, because their owners could not handle their behaviour… and one, a female, was being put down. I lost track of the others… except for one brother.

    Only my dog and that brother are, as far as I know, still with the owners that bought them as pups. Only we wanted to keep going. I have seen trainers, behaviour-therapists… nobody could help. And I still won’t let go. I never will. He’ll be with me his whole life…
    His brother had a slight improvement after major training, but it turns out it didn’t work well enough in the end… but his owner does not give up either.

    I can’t imagine life without my big boy. He’s a troublemaker, but he’s MY troublemaker and I love him with my whole heart. I rather starve then live without my two boys!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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