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    (Sorry it’s a really long post)

    Hello again…

    Right, there are a few things which I would like to clear up before I take up Val’s plea to get involved with the forum again… Most of it is based around the following topic:

    1) Yes I’m a complete novice at this… But there were a few posts on that topic that really started to rub me up the wrong way to be honest. Especially when I was being accused of not doing my research and ending up with a bad pedigree by one member, closley followed by another post implying that I had in fact managed to get a good pedigree but only by pure chance…

    In response to that, I don’t believe there was any chance about it! If it was going to happen by pure chance that I got a “good” dog (good being a term which seems to be interpreted in different ways by different people on here incidentally), I would have opened up the free ads and just called up the first ad I saw for a black lab.

    I didn’t manage to inform you that I have, in fact, been looking for a black lab for the past 9 months! One of the most important things in my critera was to get a dog that had, at the very least, good parents and grandparents (hips & eyes etc), preferably GGParents etc, and also that they had come from good gundog stock, not necessarily good show room stock, and also that the home/family they were born into were nice as well…

    I eventually found Izzy through the KC website from a lady in Dereham and so went to visit. I saw the father (Black Banjo) but only very briefly. He seemed to be a nice dog and I had heard of the Aldertree kennels at Attleborough and the family tree I was shown was also pretty impressive IMO.
    The mother, Rose (aka Appleguns Staff Sergent), had an absolutely lovely temperment too which helped me make the decision to buy Izzy there and then.

    Another side point… Yes, I agree to someone’s post that she wasn’t a lot of money. I have seen ads for labs ranging from £150 to £700… The other day, I got my big A3 KC certificate through the post showing Izzy’s certified 5th generation pedigree so I’m personally happy to think the £400 I paid for Izzy was a fair price.

    2) GSP’s rant on the above topic… Sorry… I’ve still got no idea what you were ultimately ranting about because, to be honest (and I’m not trying to start anything here), it didn’t actually make any coherant sense to me!

    But picking up on a couple of things you said:

    “Someone who obviously hasn’t bothered doing their research or reading before getting what they hope will be a working gundog puppy.”
    I hope in future you will get at least a few facts before launching into wild accusations. I hope the above has clarified that I DID in fact do some research…

    So you just keep posting and listen to what you want to hear and ignore the rest.
    I always take on everything people tell me, regardless of whether or not I like it and to assume I don’t do that was ridiculous. I joined this forum to try and get some answers. I got some answers, and hope to get more answers. I also like to base the decisions I have got to make about what’s best for Izzy on coherant discussions rather than being dictated to about what I should and shouldn’t do (that’s where the comment about being snobby came from btw – probably the wrong word to use now but couldn’t think of a better one at the time)…

    3) re: *Lassie*’s comment:
    They want a quick fix to a problem then spit their dummy out when they get advice or told that the source that they got the pup from was dodgy
    Sorry… No matter how many times you want to tell me otherwise, I’m very happy to believe that Izzy is not from a dodgy source… If you still believe she is from a dodgy source because the breeder didn’t follow some sort of KC code of conduct when naming the litter correctly then there’s nothing I can do to change that opinion. As for looking for a quick fix… I’m not a spoilt child who’s been given a puppy for xmas… I’m actually a little insulted to be labelled as someone looking for a quick fix! Surely if I was looking for a quick fix, my first post on here would have been something along the lines of “Help, my puppy is chewing up the furniture, I need to stop her now!”… rather than “I would like to make sure that what I’m doing is correct” which is sort of what most of my questions were worded as…

    Sorry, this is getting to be a long post so I’ll try and conclude things now…

    I am a complete novice at owning a dog because I’ve never had one before (although have been around gundogs all my life). My grandfather trained many many Champions in his time. I wish I’d taken far more of an interest in it when he was alive (That was in the 90s).

    I am on a hugely steep learning curve and I know I’ve got to get a lot of the “first steps” in before she’s 14-16weeks old… That leaves me with not a lot of time to get certain things set in stone (e.g. recall).

    I personally think she’s a very intelligent puppy (Mum has noticed that too and she has been around gundogs even more than me thanks to my grandfather – i.e. her dad!) so I think that holds weight!

    To be sure I don’t mess things up, Izzy is signed up to puppy training which starts next week, and also already signed up to Mid Norfolk Gundog School for when she’s about 9months old…

    I have rejoined this site to try and continue to get advice from more experienced people like yourselves because what info/advice I did get (before the unnecessary telling off and ranting started) was very helpful to me. I have started to slowly change her food over to James WB already which she seems to be enjoying and also bought her “more rewarding” treats…

    I hope I can get off to a better start this time and that people ask me things before making inaccurate assumptions when trying to answer questions about about me and Izzy…



    hi ben welcome back – glad you rejoined

    i am bev kiz kizzy kizkiznobite – i am a trainer/behaviourist and i specialise in gunners…lots of posts on here – i ‘talk’ a lot  😀

    start a new thread listing where you at and what you need to get etc
    but before you do look in the sticky area

    general levels of criteria
    best place to be
    location – for the heel close work

    will add the links in a sec


    welcome back crafty 🙂 now that bev (aka kizkiznobite) is back you should get some realy good information, im not saying that all the info isnt good, im not quite sure were the other posts went wrong but now that you have come back hopefully we all can help you to help izzie ;D

    good luck ;D


    If I remember rightly you are not a million miles from Bev….. 😉


    Hi and Welcome back.

    You will get the best advice going, and I am sorry you got it in the neck, stick with the board though and good luck with Izzy’s training.  🙂



    I think that you’ll do just great – you’re asking all the right questions and already putting things into practice like feeding to give your girl a clear mind and starting her training and being aware whats important to tackle etc …. you’ve obviously learned heaps in a very short time and are keen to learn more which i think personally, Iz couldnt ask for better daddy 🙂



    3) re: *Lassie*’s comment:
    They want a quick fix to a problem then spit their dummy out when they get advice or told that the source that they got the pup from was dodgy

    I apologize if my comment upset you, I agree it was worded rather poorly 🙁
    I did try to help as much as I could in my limited fashion but I am no expert, that what we have Kiz for ;D
    To explain and you will see for yourself if you stay on here we have quite a few people come on here asking advice then when we try to help they don’t like what we say and slag us off :-\

    quote from Wags
    [b]im sorry but this made me laugh so much

    i used to work at [email protected] and i stomped out in major big time style

    Well good for you… Clearly nothing in this world is good enough for any dog or newbie owner! To be honest, I don’t care about corporate branding, organic fat free post modernist arty farty homecooked whatever blah blah blah, or anything else… If I get a good vibe from something or somewhere then I’ll act on whatever they tell me because, quite frankly, I haven’t got a clue… and I’m very sorry I don’t have a clue… Maybe I was naieve to think that I should have spent months and months researching before I got a dog… Or maybe I should just continue to take the approach that she is simply A DOG… and that love and affection along with decent food and play and she’ll do exactly what dogs are meant to do…

    I will stop using hills, I will change to another apparently “better” brand of commercial food, She might get a bone every now and then from the butchers, I will continue to visit [email protected] and probably end up spending a shed load of cash there as well…

    Sorry about the rant and tahnkyou for the different aspects discussed on this post, it’s just I feel like I’m now in a dictatorship “she must eat this not that etc”

    At the end of the day, she is still on the original food she came with which is horrible canned stuff. I’m slowly weening her off that onto other food…[/b]

    Your quote from another post in treats for pups :-\
    If you read your post before you said that the P @ H people were very helpful – Wags made her comment because she worked for them and didn’t get on there very well it was not an attack on you but you called the forum a dictatorship ::)
    It is a public forum and as such sometimes people will skim through a post and misread it or like you said you had looked for a black lab for 9 months but didn’t put that in your post. Then you may get the odd reply that you feel is uncalled for, it happens to us all when we first start on here until we get to ‘know’ people.
    I hope you will give us a chance to start again, we all want to help even if that help is sometimes clumsily worded ::)


    i stomped out because i told the area manager and the companys director what i thought about certain products – and because we are right next to the docks i politelly ( :D) told them that those products would be better off in the bottom of it  ::)

    if you actually look in to [email protected] they really are an arse about face company –  the staff have no training in what they are selling – they rely upon employing people with exisiting knowledge rather than training them – if you get good service its because we know how to give good customer service and thats what people remember – good customer service = repeat business – ive been a shop supervisor and manager for long enough to realise that repeat business is everything

    i think ive made it pritty clear that i still shop there – i bought some fish on Thursday and a stack of treats – and a damm sponge bob thing for the fish tank  ::)


    hi and welcome back crafty, its nice to see you again, you will gets some great info on here  🙂

    it sounds like you have come from pretty good stock yourself and your izzy has gotten herself a darn good home!!  🙂

    oh and wags…spongebob???  ;D


    oh honestly

    “who lives in a pineapple under the sea




    😀 lmao i know what he is, hannah kindly put the theme tune onto my phone for me so when she rings it goes off seemingly very loudly  ::)

    just found it funny you buying a spongebob for your fish  ;D


    Hello and welcome back Ben  🙂

    Look forward to hearing more about Izzy – and hopefully some pictures. And seriously thank you for giving us all a second chance. We arnt all that bad honest.


    Hi Ben, welcome back.  Nice to see someone else from Norfolk on the board  ;D


    Welcome back Ben & Izzy

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