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    Can’t see how this would work as nurture would play a part in the ‘finished’ dog and you would be unable to ‘clone’ your dog’s experiences as a pup.
    Cost them over £100,000 – more money than sense


    Only in America ::)


    is this a true clone or more like a test-tube baby?  Couldn’t tell from the report.

    The beauty of dogs is their individuality, I wouldn’t want 2 Sadies or a replacement Sadie.


    Two Honeys  :nono:


    i think cloning is wrong on any level :-\


    Oooh, I love this argument!  We studied cloning at uni – in fact, one of our lecturers was the head of the team that created Dolly (the sheep).

    I think cloning to replicate a pet is a bit absurd.  Lassie is right – emotionally (and it’s usually the animal’s nature ppl get attached to) it’s impossible to replicate the nurture factors which influence behaviour.  Also – and most folks aren’t aware of this – although the DNA will be identical (obviously), things like pigmentation – i.e. coat pattern, won’t.

    I’ll explain – imagine a black and white BC.  The clone will have exactly the same amount of black and white pigmentation – but it won’t be in exactly the same place, as this factor is determined by growth in utero.  Often patterns will be similar – but they won’t be identical!

    As far as cloning being wrong on any level – for me the jury is out on this – at present, cloning techniques are still far from perfect – if I remember rightly, it used to take hundreds of fertilised eggs to produce one live birth, as so few cloned embryos survive.  So it’s hard to rationalise this.

    But if it can develop cures for diseases – human or animal, then in that respect no, I’m not against it.  However, a cloned life is a life nonetheless, so is it ethical to create one life to save another?  … The debate goes on.


    i uses to know a perso who always called there new dog Trixie always the same breed.

    my mum is convinced that our girls are reincarnations of ther two cockers and the collie that she had for a short time.

    but i dont see the point in cloning as you cant bring to dog up in the exact same way you did the first time.


    all you’ll do it compare it to the original ::) i don’t agree with it

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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