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    Toby wore a little coat at the kennels but I don’t have one for him thinking he’s a Lakeland, he’s made for conditions worse than this  😉 now its getting into winter (or it feels like it!) do you lot have any advice or should I let him be as he came into the world?  Also any advice on a super absorbent washes well doggy towel?  Have a Wilko one but is disintegrating in the wash  :nono:

    Discovered tonight he’s terrified of my brolly going up poor man, how we;ve gone nine months without finding this out I don’t know, better dig the berghauses out again!

    Rain rain rain…


    well honey doesnt wear a coat…………….


    I bought good quality human towels for mine they wash up well 😉 Tam has a rain coat as he has arthritis but normally the only dogs to need a coat are ones with thin coats like greyhounds.


    THe ones that are used wet and absorb stuff are great, I have a few, can’t remember their trade name.


    I bought one of those towels at crufts a couple of years ago, its very good on Izzy’s coat.  I aslo have an equafleece jumper thingy i put on her after she’s been swimming, it dries her in half an hour.  And if she’s dry it keeps her dry, its very good and purple which is her fav colour!  :gum:

    This is the one she has


    I have doggy drying coats for the girls, got them from another forum, £15 per coat plus p&p £10 of that went to springer rescue!

    They are toweling inner with a fleece outer, pop them on the girls 30mins later I have 2 clean and dry springers! ;D ;D


    I use EASI DRI  dog towels for my pair,very absorbent ,just rub over dog,squeeze out and repeat.
    I got mine from a dog hydrotherapy centre,but you can order them online.


    uhuh…interesting…. 🙂

    cue…shake…. :order: :order:

    izzie and I got wetter than wet yesterday…as did the girls…they had a good time  ;D we dripping wet  ;D
    i didnt cue shake as mind on other things  ::) ami therefore didnt..until she was in car….then she did
    she dry in 1 hour…car still wet today  ::)

    dogs do not need coats unless they have a med prob and need a bit of help..unless they a breed not conditioned to our weather….

    you want to dry them off.. fine… ;D they will love it…if you don’t …they will survive…i don’t..that my training… 🙂 unless the ice is forming into crystals…then i might  😉


    Cool, thanks everyone, will cue shake, don’t know why that didn’t cross my mind, he shook muddy water in the hall and my mam nearly killed me  >:D will get shake on cue and cue it before we step inside!  Won’t be letting him dry off naturally Bev, he’s what my dad calls a skirting board scruff, he walks so close to the walls we got muddy streaks everywhere!


    Honey shakes on cue – I quite often let her in wet – she dries herself on my bed  ;D I think she does wonder why the same method cant apply when she has a bath…………. 😉

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