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Cocker spaniels

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    I hope I have put this in the right place? We purchased a black show cocker spaniel for our daughter back in June 2012. We went to someone who we thought was a licensed registered breeder and who presented as helpful, knowledgeable and approachable.
    The breeder knew our pup was for showing and assured us he was KC registered BUT, and this is a huge but, we still have not received any papers for him. The breeder said that she would send on the papers within a week or two but as yet nothing.
    We now know that the breeder is unlicensed as we went direct to the local licensing authority who stated this breeder had applied for a license recently. The breeder though stated she had been in the business for over 30 years. She is also not registered with the kennel club UK either.
    The mother is an imported pedigree. The breeder has tried to claim that they are waiting for the import KC papers to come through to be able to register our pup BUT we have been to the Hungarian breeder and she has said all the paperwork was sorted when the mother was imported in January 2011.
    I have a horrible sinking feeling that this will not end well. The breeder has stated they wont release our pups paperwork until he has been PRA tested and that we have do this as a mongrel because although we know the mothers name we don’t know the father.
    They have also, over the last few months, offered a pet pedigree which is not the KC pedigree we paid for. We have been back to their home and, instead of the beautiful orderly clean place that it was when we arranged to visit, it was full of untidy loose dogs.
    When we took him to the vets for his innoculation, the vet told us that the vaccination card date of birth and date of vaccine had been changed so our pup was to all intents and purposes not protected when we brought him home. He also let slip that the breeder had registered several puppies with him from several different litters on the day she took him in.

    Our pup is a beautiful boy, well tempered and good with our family so he is an ideal pet BUT we paid for a show dog and as he doesn’t have KC registration he isnt a show dog (unless I’ve been researching in the wrong places).

    I’m not really sure what I’m asking for but I can’t sit back and do nothing Is there anything we can do? I have contacted the Kennel Club, the place where we saw our baby advertised and the local licensing people.

    Thank you in advance.


    Trqding standards I think and also a civil case.

    the breeder should have sent you the paperwork or have it ready.

    You cannot pra test him as a mongral as it needs to go onto his pedigree.

    Val is the lady to chat to about this though and also contact cocker spaniel clubs as well.

    were the parents health tested?


    Thanks for replying.

    The mother is from rizi-bizi breeders in Hungary and we don’t know who the dad is. I guess we got sucked in by the welcoming and open way they were with us. Certainly know better now.

    I will certainly be going to trading standards and will contact the cocker spaniel clubs too as you suggest.

    Still hoping this will come out ok. At the very least we do have a beautiful boy, the issue is the lies and not being sold what we bought.

    Thanks again.


    Is the breeder in the UK?


    yes she is in the UK, in Cambridgeshire.
    thank you.


    Well, still heard nothing from them so it’s off to trading standards we go. Joyful way to start the new year.

    simon James

    You might want to check out this page for a hybrid of the cocker which is the cockapoo

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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