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    Hello. I’ve decided to try Rio on Cod liver oil capsules.  I know that Vitamin A can be harmful in large doses. Can anyone help with some info on the doseage for a 35kg dog and what brand to use? Can I use human CDL> like Holland & Barrett ? Thanks  . :-\


    i capsule is fine, however if I were you why not use Fish Body Oil capsules instead?

    Far more Omega 3 and DHA/EPA, no risk of Vitamin A or D OD, plus the benefit of anti inflammatory?

    I use the high dose human capsules from Healthspan, better value and quality than H & B IMHO


    Hi Sweetypye.
    I have started giving Rio Omega 3 pure fish oils. 1000mg capsules containing 18% EPA and 12 % DHA.
    One per day. She thinks they are delicious! So that is a plus! Will take note of any improvement in her coat etc,

    Thanks for you input!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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