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    Boy was it cold this morning, took OH to work at 6 and actually managed a walk as it was starting to get light for a change, couple of pics

    watching a DEER! was just about to take the pic and it shot across the bottom of the field, said ‘leave it’ in a ‘firm but fair voice ;)’ and they both just stood and watched 😮 impressed I was 😀
    [img width=468 height=351][/img]
    [img width=468 height=351][/img]
    [img width=468 height=351][/img]


    great pics :-* :-*, love the slobber accross the nose 😀 ;D ;D


    Great frosty pics Sue, good dogs leaving the deer  ;D


    They are gorgeous – love the photos, was frosty here this morning too  :yes:


    great pics Sue.. it’s lovely when all frosty like that  :yes: dogs are both looking good  :-*  :-*


    They both look fantastic Sue, love frosty pictures hate going out in it ;D

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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