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    Not sure when I will get on, so some warning

    got my PDT assesment on Monday so gotta get Jess to not spit the raw eggs at me  :help:
    Got to do 2, 10 min lessons  :help:

    And Jess is limping on and off.

    Keep fingers crossed please!  :-* :-* :-* :-*


    Good luck all fingers crossed!  :-*


    Good luck fingers crossed  :-*


    Am back!!  :ok:

    Got 64% for PDT because Jess decided she wasnt going to work for nothingwhen it was dark and cold and wet.

    Got 51% for my OCI, lost 10% for going under on one of my sessions, was told off for not teaching recall or loose lead walking- when I had 3 fricking toy dogs (a daxi, papillon and a scottie)and one gunner to teach and had to use each dog once.
    >:( Everyone else had 2 small dogs and 2 med/large dogs in their practical  >:(


    Are those marks good though hun – sorry have no idea!! Was just wondering today how your college stuff was going  :-*


    They arent bad but they arent brilliant  🙁 would have preferred better tbh, but everything was against me, including Jess  🙁

    Got my advanced to start training for, so am going to be buggin Bev again methinks  :whistle:


    you heard from bev at all?

    you pass with those marks though right?


    Got a text at the beginning of the week, she was supposed to be online over the last week on her new laptop.

    She not been online then?? :-\

    Can pass with anything 40% or over.


    Nope not heard a thing from her – is she ok?  🙁


    Yep, things a bit manic there, but they sorting

    will drop her a text tomorrow though.  🙂


    Tell her I said hello – been so busy this end havent had chance to email her, but kind of guessed she wasnt reading them anyway!  🙂


    Will do, though she prob knows  😉 :-*


    A pass is a pass so up and onwards Lizzie
    Hope Bev is OK have heard nothing here


    I know Val, but my grades are slipping which am not happy about…

    No doubt will be asking people for advice soon enough  🙂


    Keep at it Izzie you’ll do fine  :-*

    Not heard from Bev either, hope she’s ok and back soon, quiet without her isn’t it  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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