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    For my current unit i need a little help and research from around 3-5 people who have to have the ‘Our Dogs Annual 2009’ book. Anyone interested? 🙂


    Count me in!  :ok:


    ;D ;D all you have to do is go through the book and pic out your two favourite ‘breeder adverts’. Nothing to do with the breed or look of the dogs; just write a few lines about why you chose the ‘advert’ so things like the colours, the layout of the pictures, the style of writing ect ect.

    I will put them all together into my research book and this is suppose to help me make my own three adverts using my pretend pedigree dogs (unless Izzie feels like being a model in a lovely show stand :D)


    Ok, i’ll have a look.  And yeah she’d pose for you  🙂


    brilliant – poor benji was getting pretty sick of being made to stand ::)

    Just let me know the page number and kennel name to so i can scan a copy of the advert into my computer 🙂


    Sorry can’t help I don’t take the Annual


    Nope me neither otherwise i would Laura  :-*


    Laura – are there many ads ?

    just thought might be easier to get 5 ppl if you scanned the adverts in so we can see them – i would do it if you could get them online coz i dont have it either 🙁

    claire x


    yeah there are tons of ad’s 😀 I was going to do any breeder advert from any source but my tutor said i needed it to be from all one source and since i have the last three years worth it’s where i have gotten most of my research from to date.

    Will have to remember to post up my advert once the unit is finished 🙂


    darn – it was just a thought 😉


    K, i’ve forgotten the page numbers but my 2 favs are Honeymist bedlingtons and for the other its a hard choice between Chayo malamutes and Bud Junior the italian newfie  :-\  But i think im going to go for the newfie ad!  :ok:


    thats great! i know where most of them are :yes: i like the chayo malamute one, they did another nice one in the 2008 annual.

    When you get a chance could you just write a few lines for them both saying why you chose them ect

    A question for any one who has seen breeder adverts. – What makes a good advert? (eg. clear picture’s, not to much writing, certain colours ec) 🙂


    Well the Honeymist one is set out like a photo album of all the kids  🙂  Its got nice clear pics of each dog and a little about their breeding and successful offspring.  Its also got a little about the breeder, and her love of the dogs, health results and full contact details for them.  All you could want.

    The Bud Junior one is just very classy.  The pics of him show him off perfectly, not just in the ring but at home with his owner.  The colours and layout are great.  It looks expensive, luxurious, just like the dog!  😀


    ;D ;D Thank Yooh :-*

    you not at work today?


    Yep, but i cant pick bruw up til 10.30 so i kind of can’t get started on anyone else  ::) 

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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