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    Toby has taken a cooked chicken drumstick bone from the bin and eaten it, he has eaten just a small part before I got him to drop it, what do I do, oil?  What should I watch out for, a bit worried about this one.  Thanks in advance guys!


    if it was just the end with the cartlidge and he crunched just keep a close eye,…if it other part..then yep give him plenty of oil…i guess as he been on the streets he has had worse…bad boy…. >:D


    Thanks Bev, yep the cartilidge part and yep, three crunches before he dropped the other part, this dog!  We need to get rid of the bin altogether, we actually produce little food waste so any ideas would be gratefully accepted!  Am relieved it hasn’t been more serious, he has been enjoying his food more on the natural diet but his stealing and sneaking has stepped up too, ten months out of rescue it may be he’s getting his confidence back but it’s becoming a worry, the drop cue only works when I see him do it, God knows what he helps himself to at my mams!


    opportunists and scavengers…they tougher than we think…

    what sort of bin you got…


    Is a flip lid one tall and slim, thought it was tall enough for him not to reach but clearly not  :whistle: thinking about maybe a small but heavy duty Brabantia pedal bin that he wouldn’t be heavy enough to stand on the pedal but then nothing surprises me!


    smear some clove oil around the top


    That’s another thing i need to teach Cass. Sometimes when we are walking in the street people throw thier chicken takeaways on the floor & you get little chicken bones littered about. I have known Cass to pick one up while i wasn’t looking & it’s gone in less than a second. How do you teach them to give something up on command without them swallowing it out of spite? lol


    Clove oil?  Is a new one to me!  Thanks, good tip!


    ami does a brill spit….SPITITOUTNOW works well…..cubert is practicing his  😀

    oil of cloves from the chemist…the stuff used for toothache…they hate the smell and the taste..


    Fritz does a good SPIT too  😉 Not had to use it for a ‘find’ tho.. he been good lately.. but he sure knows what it means  ;D


    stan used to hide things in his mouth and then sit with a blank look on his face :pray: when i told him to spit it out, so for a few times after that i used to open his mouth and take it out, he soon learnt that when i said drop it i ment now ;D


    Naughty Toby  ::) Still, not as bad as Piper counter surfing a cooked chicken carcass  ::)  :whistle:


    what about a small bin that goes in the cupboard? you know the lid lifts as you open the door? then if he learns to open the cupboard child lock, he wont do them surely coz i sure as heck cant!
    depends on if you have spare cupboard space.

    but good bot toby for spitting some of it out 🙂


    honey does a good spit it out – infact it so good if she picks something up she just sits there holding it waiting for the spit it out – she KNOWS she not allowed it  😀

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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