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    no comments anyone?


    haven’t seen much yet, have it all taped but have heard that the bulldog, peke and clumber all failed their vet checks after being awarded BOB.

    Think it is a good thing that they are health checked but would still be better if this was before the show and not after they have won. Would also like to see the reasons as to why the dogs failed.

    The clumber’s health certificate has been leaked saying it failed due to bilateral entropion and also ear problems.

    I’m off tomorrow to crufts tomorrow, quite looking forward to it  🙂


    just looks like a normal dog, wonder what makes it such a winner?


    I have got to say I was thinking it was very quiet for Crufts week.

    As for the Vet checks, I am surprised.  I like the idea and think it should apply to all breeds and not just the ‘high profile’, as I have seen a lame dog get a BoB at Crufts.  In the same breath I was expecting one or two vet rejections, but not this many.  Is the vet setting an example?  It may need to be looked at again and three vets need to agree on a rejection.

    As for having dropping red eyes, by the end of a day showing at Crufts there are many red tired eyes, and this is not just the dogs.

    A winner is judged against a standard, should be about a certain weight, height, top line etc.  But then you add ‘ring presence’, that va va voom when the dog is in the ring.  The Newfoundland and Siberian really did have that extra little something that said they loved what they were doing.


    Which dog failed for having dropping red eyes? Was it the neo and mastiff?

    The kennel club say the reasons why the dogs fail is between the owner and the vet so they won’t be publishing the reasons why.,I hope they owners do. But yes if health checks were done on all the BOB winners I doubt the lame border collie would have passed.


    I did notice the front shoulder on the collie was not as sound as it should be.

    Signs of entropy, for which the owner says the Clumber was pulled up for, are red and running eyes.


    From the dogs I’ve seen you can tell the different between an eye infection and entropion? Surely the vet wouldnt have written it was entropion if it was only red running eyes?

    Was very quiet at Crufts too! We got in with little traffic and parked relatively close!


    Not sure how to post as izzie did with the vid in.
    Crufts Bulldog loses best of breed – Ch Mellowmood One In A Million
    But here (hopefully) is the Bulldog at a midlands show who failed the BOB bulldog. I know nothing about bulldogs but looks ok to me leggy and not to swashed face  ;D
    I heard bulldog had a scratch on its eye injury from being a puppy

    The lab who can reserve in Gundog group looked a little on the heavy side from the quick glimspe i saw


    Suppose we can’t really criticise the vet until we know the reason behind why they failed each dog. I do think for breeds like the bulldog and Neapolitan who have a long way to go they can’t expect things to have changed overnight. That bulldog looks a lot better than it used to and credit should be given for the changes. Now with it not being shown in the group the general public watching Crufts won’t get to see it.

    I have to say on the whole the Neapolitans were looking great. I’ve always wanted or but not as much excess skin that they were breeding. At least half of the ones I saw looked a lt better!


    The traffic at Crufts for a Saturday was very light getting in.  Did the drop off, which was a lot more complicated than last year.

    Had a very busy day round the ring, so did not go anywhere round the rest of the halls to get a view as to how busy it was.

    I can agree that unless the vets report to kennel club are release we will not know the other side of the story.


    the Clumber’s vet report was released to dogworld and was widespread on Friday night

    FB is rife at the moment with the clumber folk from all over the world kicking off.
    It was very busy on Friday


    We only got back this morning – had tons of fun dex showed his heart out but with a class of 17 with many top winners in it we didnt expect anything but to enjoy ourselves!!

    regards the dogs failing tests etc – difficult but in all honest they look like fools – look at that bloody gsd that got group 3 – they say thats ok? hmmmm im not so sure – and a fat lab – they need to either be checking ALL breeds or not at all sure some are worse than others but i think tey wanted to be seen to be ‘doing someting’ and all tey have done is look like idiots!!


    Umm I dissagree with you on the shepherd suz. I saw him show in the breed ring and saw him after and he is lovely. Straight solid back and his movement was great especially when he was free running round the ring. I haven’t seen him in the group yet but the dog I saw on the day was stunning with no obvious movement issues. Has also got a stamp normal hips and elbows.

    Unlike some of the dogs, a few overweight and one was obviously lame who got placed in the middle of the group 🙁

    Was pleased that the dog who snapped at the judge got made to leave the ring but so should the lame dog! If a dog is hopping round the ring lame then it should have Been disqualified!


    Coming off the toll road on Sat was bloody awfull and took an age to get into the nec.

    Personally i agree with Sue that shepard just looked horrid – how that can be classed as healthy i have no idea.

    I didnt see a lame bc so i cant comment on that – i only really watched my friend show her girls and that was early – then went shopping.

    I had a really good day – the only thing that spoiled it for me was that old idiots comentary yet again.

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