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    Whats up with Sam?  :-*


    falkor dont need a brush – he needs shearing  >:D
    ami been fine all day with me not here  ::)

    sam is starting to show problems with evacuating again so i guess the aggressive tumour bits that couldnt be gotten out are growing/grown again…unlike falkors problem that is in organs so effects are local to that – sam’s were/are in the bowel and anus area so the sec. problems are more acute as in they block the passages


    umm so what is the next step for Sam if that is the case Bev  :-\

    Want me to send you some clippers for Falkor  ???  😉  ;D

    *Ducks from Val *  >:D


    he having his holiday….then we will see – no more invasive treatment though


    Poor Sam, hope you can keep him comfortable if nothing else 🙁


    poor sam :-* ((hugs)) from stan and me for you mo and the doggies :-*


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=11447.msg230583#msg230583 date=1216152328]
    he having his holiday….then we will see – no more invasive treatment though

    ((((((((hugs))))))))) to you and Sam and Mo  :-*


    ((hugs)) everyone enjoy your holiday  🙂


    yes, enjoy your holiday 🙂

    communication cues that GSP asked about was amazing to watch ! 

    Claire x


    we been to big water and it has yellow stuff all around it that we can dig huge holes in and roll in and then shake over everyone’s picnics  >:D

    and i can swim but the big white frothy rolling things made me scared but aunty meryl said stop being a wussy queen and get in so i swam out to my mum and amilou who made sure i didnt drown  🙂

    and we went in big rock pools and i was bad and climbed up the rocks when mum wasnt looking and she was scared and panicking because she thought a big frothy thing would get me and that was odd because when i was scared of them then I was told not to be a wuss – humans are very odd  ::)

    i had big swims in the river too and we had walks in spooky woods that mo mum didnt like and i watched the black and white dogs chase the sheep but thats OK they allowed to but i am not and mum showed me how to walk nice amongst them so they dont run away but the cows kept coming up and tried to nudge my bottom – i dont like cows they slobber too much… :-\

    inga and i played all the time and we kept getting sent out from under everyones feet and because it made samtoo grumpy  >:D

    and everyone kept saying oooo how cute what is it  ::) and everyone thought amilou was my real mum which is silly  ::)

    mum says i been a real good boy especially my recalls on the beach and staying close to her feet and learning to swim in the big water

    i am tired now

    mum has lots of pictures and says she will put them up later so you can see how i have grown

    and NICK…..mum says to tell you my tail has started to un-twist  ;D

    cubert aka cuebycubes  :-*


    lots of amazing adventures… we have missed you Cubeycubes  :-*


    I cannot WAIT to see the pictures and see how much he’s grown again ;D


    awww whose getting a growd up then  :-*  ;D can’t wait to see your pics cubert!  🙂


    So wheres the photos, surely you have plowed through all your emails etc (including what 3 from me haha  😀 )

    Sounds like Cubert had a fabulous time  ;D lucky boy  :-*


    on meryl’s camera  😀 she lost the comp lead  ::) will get to it when i get back from re-homing daisy…am heading back up north with her today and will hopefully be back weds night assuming she settles ok  🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 496 through 510 (of 930 total)
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