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    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=11447.msg234789#msg234789 date=1217961683]
    he badbadbad………..

    No he’s coming up to a male teenager >:D


    Hehe whats he done Bev  ;D


    what’s he eaten?  😀


    my dad…as a hobby really…was also a printer in the sense that he had a press and when he had time would do stuff…the written word and it’s use fascinated him …the old way of setting up printing blocks …as in every word had to be ‘set’ – metal on wood letter by letter – to make the mirror image( i can fluently read mirror writing to this day)…was his relaxation and at times it  brought in cash to feed the family some extras …wedding invites…short stories, news stuff….
    he also did a few local history type books for local folk and a few of his own on his own interests…the stuff one finds at car boots…his last one i had a copy of and it got lost when house got flooded…was pretty devasted…then found another copy…at a jumble…it not the most exciting read  🙂 famous sea battles  ::) but ….

    the wee shite has destroyed it…not a gnaw or a bit or a chew…but confetti……. >:D

    good job i love him…good job i can hear a voice saying…..told you but you got him now love him more…bad boy….


    OMG I knew how that was going to end half way  😮 Cubert you a naught git – good job your mummy loves you  >:D


    Send him to me 😉 ;D, he can join Jess’ chew club >:D


    oh sh*t.. knew he’d eaten something  >:D

    was expecting it to be a shoe  ::)


    Sorry about your Dad’s book Bev, he sounds like he was a really lovely man from what you’ve said about him  :-* good job he was understanding too eh!  How likely are you to find another copy?


    😮 bad cuebert

    Loki says he can tell him all about GAP… if he has any questions  ;D


    whoooops naughty cubert! so was this book sat someplace special on its own or did cubert chose that one particularly out of a pile of books?


    😮 naughty cubert


    Oh Cubert! You mustn’t!

    my old Belgian Wyatt ate my birkenstocks and a 1st edition Lord Jim (Joseph Conrad) that he had carefully picked out amongst a group of worthless paperbacks.  He had a penis too  😉


    OMG bad Cubert  ;D

    I was reading that thinking whys Bev telling us this (dont get me wrong is interesing  :-* ) totally forgotten Cubert had been naughty – so wasnt expecting to read that!  😀


    dad was right…not that i ever doubted but yep he had it to rights  ::)

    ‘when the brain descends to the balls the wits go out the window’

    cubert was sick this am…flem foam and slobber …drooling all over the place…panic panic…do all the stats stuff …all fine if a bit warm and breathing a bit high…panic some more…he drinks gallons…panic some more…he drooling and chomping

    open mouth  >:D

    for some odd reason he been eating naughty fairy flowers…. ::) >:D

    they been there all summer….never touched them…

    amitoldmetooshesaidtheystopmebeingbadbadbad  >:D cubert

    ididnotisaidifyoueatthemyoubesickandyousaidshutupandgoawaysoididservesyouright  >:D amilou


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=11447.msg235285#msg235285 date=1218124458]
    dad was right…not that i ever doubted but yep he had it to rights  ::)

    ‘when the brain descends to the balls the wits go out the window’


    Is that not true of the whole male species 😀

    Naughty Naughty Cubert Clumber no tea for you tonight >:D

Viewing 15 posts - 526 through 540 (of 930 total)
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