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    the wee boyo has had a mega busy day bless him and he has coped with it all really well  🙂

    he did some clicker training early this morning
    then he got his collar on
    then he went out in the car when i took Mo to church for the funeral – i dashed in to pay my respects and give apologies and when i came out the horse and carriage was just going past the car to turn around …boyo was up at the side window and he barked at the horses – i got in car and waited for them to come back from the turn he got up again as they approaced and before i could say anything ami thwacked him down  😀 he sat quietly and watched nice …
    then i popped him into the vets so they could all meet him and he got lots of cuddles and ooos and ahhhs and sweeties
    then we went to brownsover fields and he had a romp about he was pouncing on the buttercups and eating the chickweed – he was glued to my feet on and off or trundling alongside ami’s – he did 5 whistle recalls and 4 were fluent – number 3 was hesitant and for 2 of them he had to leave ami quite a way off
    then we went to tesco’s to the ciggy counter so he in my arms and half the staff came to fuss him
    then he had lunch in the car – something he needs to be able to do
    then he had a 45 min snoozy after being totally washed by ami amidst squeals of nomorenomore but she was insistant  🙂
    then we sat in a street cafe and got petted by all and sundry
    then he went to a nursery/creche and met a load of 3/4 year olds
    then he came home and had his first chicken wing – he stripped off the meat and crunched his way through about 1/2 of the bone and then he had end of a pork rib – he likes those  🙂

    and now he is snoring his head off ……..


    the treats are there but the clicks have stopped 

    ok mmm can’t get them…maybe I missed one 
    yep i got a good nose …i missed one 
    ok…perhaps if i offer a sit i will get another….
    nope – that didnt work….
    perhaps if i sit closer …..
    no that didnt work either…. 
    maybe i missed another…
    no…ahhh i know we freeshaping …..she wants nose on toy 
    right then…time for a toe bite – that will stir her into to action 

    photobucket being a pain…it sticking a bit

    [img width=468 height=382][/img]


    Lol at the end of the vid, does he start nibbling your feet?  😀 He’s lovely, you got used to the long waggy tail?  ;D

    Sounds like he’s had a very busy day  :-*


    I love the way puppies just flop asleep…. bet he so tired after that day  ;D

    Love the vid – like the little noises he makes  😀


    yeah – it gets a reaction  ::)

    can you see how when he sat he looked about for something to freeshape to  😀 and then he went and nose touched smileycat because we were free shaping to that yesterday….

    and he weighs 20lbs  🙂


    he’s gorgeous Bev and makes the sweeties squeaks 😀 :-* he got a long long long tail completly forgot about the docking ban until he turned around 😀 :-*

    I bet he’s wreaked after his busy day! :-* i miss doing all the puppy things with dodge :'(


    He got a tail ????????

    eh …. but but but you said most of litter to work ? 

    were the ones for work homes done and him not (remember you saying he was booked in the tummy still) for his owner ?

    OMG its gonna be odd one with a tail who’d have thought it !


    I thought you couldn’t dock any dog working or not.


    the breeder opted not to dock in case any buyers wanted to dual show and work
    what the clumber breeders are doing is docking pre 6 weeks on a selected pup but that pup does not get KC registered …so that f ups any future registration of pups that dog may have and the dna register and and and ….

    a dog can be docked for working laura but it cannot be shown

    check out the docking threads – dont want to turn this into a dock no dock debate but yep – he has a tail – as will the girl unless i opt to not KC register her – he may not work in the field but he might – i may show him but i might not – dad is a ch …mum is a worker – this is a classic example of what the docking ban has done to gunners – if he works and gets 1 tail injury – he gets it off – no arguing no hesitation – and i can still show – can’t do owt else now except subject him to a GA and then never be able to show him and am not going there – heyho…if you want to debate we open another post please   🙂

    in scotland – there is huge petition / movement going to get the bill adjusted for gunners – i hope they win afterall it big shoot country – and then we might get that chance too – in the meantime we stuck between a rock and a hardplace


    sorry – didnt mean to start a debate, just suprised 🙂

    will be in awe of you gaiting with clumber Bev 🙂

    has he met thingywotsitdoodar blacklabpuppy yet ? 🙂

    claire x


    [quote author=GSPmad link=topic=11447.msg216114#msg216114 date=1210925738]
    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=11447.msg216048#msg216048 date=1210879064]
    bugger the feet – am coping with the teeth  😀

    if you’re ignoring the feet did you not think of calling him bilbo?  😀

    sorry only just picked this up

    couldnt – my sis’s last newfie was called bilbo baggins  ;D ;D


    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  ;D

    Congrats Bev and Mo –  he is a super little stunner  ;D

    Great news  :-*


    he meeting her tonight i think – meryl texted last night to say she coming tonight but havnt heard if she on her way up

    it ok claire not a problem – part of the thread ..just dont want a full hi jack  🙂

    i wont actually do any showing past the pup classes – no way  ;D if he does good then someone else can take over  ;D….val…..?? vaaallll ??….. ;D


    I’m thinking Val maybe got her wee showgirl star for this reason so you may be “lucked out” ?

    Laura – get yer hand up for showing 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Claire x


    ok – says she with a big grin (again)….

    we got him home at 5.30 on weds – he been clean day and night now since  about 2.30 yesterday (thursday) he asking to go out – he also responds to ‘want out’ by running to the door or if not by looking at me as if to say – dont be stoooopid – when out he cued to wee wee and big weewee – not bad eh  😉 not had any accidents since yesterday afternoon

    if i can do it in 48 hours – then anyone else can do it in 96 hours  🙂

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