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    bless him in the pics he is getting big, tho looks alot smaller next to Falkor  🙂

    right my questions on the pack shift!?

    in your hol pics you had them in pack order but cubert was at the ‘bottom’ back?! I thought you have said previously Falkor is always at the bottom he after any rescues temp dogs and puppies (and happy to be there :-*)?!

    and if Cubert taking Amis pig skin is he wanting to be above ami, or is ami in a bit of a mollycoddle the puppy mode allowing him to do more than she wouls allow another dog to do?


    no he wasnt gracie…if you look at the pic again  😉 cubert has never been at the bottom since the day we got him home…falkor just did his ok…i back off then?

    i expect ami to retain the house status role and i am re-enforcing that but allowing him to take the lead out of the home gradually but to be honest she is already relinquishing that and that will be easy for her as brose was always the manager anyway inside or out…also she is pre season so he a potential mate but she also does still mother him so that is causing confusion for her at the moment as he demands both her mothering appeasment and her sexual interest…have no worries around that at all…it sam that is being shifted at the moment and we know how temperamental and unstable he can be at times


    i cant tell them apart  ::) ;D but looking at the pic again,
    i can see who Cubert is coz he is smaller, i thought it was Cubert on the left (looking at the pic left :P) then Falkor, then Samtoo then Ami on the right of the pic.
    But looking again, the second one on the left looking into the camera i guess is Ami, next to Ami then i gues is Samtoo looking away from the camera prob looking at Mo then Falkor of course on the end with the most feathery (in a nice way) looking coat.


    cubert far left…ami next at door, then sam then falkor

    i was inside, meryl took the pic


    in the conversation sequence…cuby now has ‘tell’ and the sustain…mine is ‘holdit’ and the off switch …mine is ‘done’ … on cue… with the pack and other well known dogs…need to proof it up a level now  ;D

    wonder if red gsd would oblige  😀


    Bev, would you mind expanding a tiny bit on your last post, conversation sequence, I don’t understand, is it to do with barking?


    no …it on here …further back in the thread i think…it the greeting other dogs conversation…i need the sentances on cue if he going to work with me…there is also a post by claire when i worked with brose helping bonnie


    Aah, cool will have another look Bev


    wow he’s growing so fast physically and emotionally he is going to be an absolute star!  🙂


    would anyone like to borrow one wee git for a week… >:D i knew there was a perfectly good reason why i had not had a boy for 30 years….. :alien:  :crazy:

    diesel …don’t you dare laugh  >:D…….

    hebadbadbadneedsasmackedbottomorsendingbacktonorfolk  >:D amilou

    getstuffedcowbag  >:D cubert

    opppssssomedogwillhavehisnutsandtailoffatthisratecanseeitcoming  ::)

    meispoorlysickmymomumsaidsohehorridhebitme  🙁 samtoo


    Uhoh, troubled times ahead then? :scared: :scared:


    oh dear.

    you were expecting this though weren’t you?  :yes:

    it’s just a temporary thing … least he’s not hanging out down at the drugstore smokin’ ciggies and drinkin’  :yes:


    same bloody difference..had son done the drugstore shite etc he too would have been put in the dog house….

    we now 45 mins in…am waiting for the appeasment…still getting ‘the look’ ….he got 4 hours to supper bearing in mind his lunch was cut short …and/or 7 hours to bedtime…or not….wee git…


    i’ve just started to see the light with dodger so i refuse to go back under until the next time ::) 😀 good luck with him Bev :-*


    he been a wee git all today..he really is ….started at 5 am…been continuing since…and if he looks at me one more time like he did he in for a real shock  ….

    he has hormones…he dont know what to do with them..unfortunately nether does mo

    it feeding time and sam comes through to go to his ‘spot’ as normal..all normal …as we do the routine…as sam ran past …the wee shite went for him..and it wasnt a puppy ‘went’ it was a big boy went….and he meant it…

    ami was as useful as a chocolate t pot

    falkor went to ground it was that serious

    sam dived past did a 4 ft leap to miss the teeth…landed on the sofa and pee’d with fear….

    i do my WTF routine…all calm for about 2 mins…i say to Mo cos …cubert started to just grumble as he eating…take that bone off him…he grumbled at her … curled his nose up ……i did my ‘excuse me’…i then got that look …..he having a hungry think in the doghouse at the moment

    wee shite all cock a hoop and in teenage ‘yeah yeah i sorted that’..right..fine bring it on lado…wont be on my bed tonight….

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