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    mum mum  :surprise:  look on the tele…ade chef is making clumber sausages…MUM… :help: :help:

    no it  :ok:  all those people that call you cumberland spaniels are silly…so chill…

    sausage is made from porkies…you ok…no one will eat you  :-*

    welikeporkies  :yes: amilou cubert percyperc and ted too xx


    Wait for it…..


    i am  😀  but…got so many t shirts and vids and and

    dont know about you but had some real classics

    the best has to be…

    american tourist…hey hun we in scotland now…as in 2 miles over the border…see dogs in car  ::) man..hey look they cumberlands…wife nah…they mini st bernards…no no they cumberland spaniels…me… they CLUMBER SPANIELS…him..yeah?  they cross breeds then  ::)

    man on warf…my one night away to cope with losing mam…only ami with me..of course…stayed at the blue frog…hey folks check that out cos they dog lovers and great place and fantastic restaurant…anyway..we on the warf…me and lou and  i get the weirdo on the bus routine..

    guy watching and sort of following…i ready for it…heyho so was ami lol…
    i am wearing my trainer t shirt…ami pic at the ready…he finally comes up…asks me for a light for fag…i do…he looks at ami..but misses that actually she looking at him more than…lol….says…ooooo a clumberland spaniel and oooo you got 2 ::) ::) i missed that..i said no clumbers and actually i have more than 2 but only this one with me…he giggles and says…no i meant you have 2 now…one at your feet and one on your breasts….he errmm …didnt look twice  ::)

    i did a body language sort of tough lass got your measure stuff…ami was waaayyyy ahead of me… ;D

    once…in norfolk…mo had it…i was way ahead…but i heard her say yeah they are…we raise them then cook them  😀


    Wait for Waggi to come on and see this  ::)

    Yep get it all the time, end up saying they are dogs not sausages.  :whistle:

    Bad enough with some folk insisting on calling Livia Olivia  ::)


    wags…got a clumber sheep  ;D ;D ;D as in it has to have feather  :ok:


    haha how funny 😀

    dex gets called all sorts, golden retriever, cavalier king charles…………and normally aww its a cocker – yes an american cocker, oh so not a proper spaniel then  :what: 


    They always asked if Tam and Willow were related ::) now they think Willow and Ami are the same breed :nono:

    Willow says she loves sausages but the last one meant for her the cat nicked :what:


    Had this convo on FB, Jan (breeder) stated she been asked if hers were cucumber spaniels  ??? ??? ::) :blindfold:


    Folks at park usually ask if Brady is miniature collie. Say no, Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie for short. Dif breed. When they ask what is Fraggle (shaggy B&W mutt of unknown origin), say SPCA Special. Some people understand & laugh. Others give blank look, so say he picked up running around w/no tags, so eventually ended up at SPCA where he found new mum. No way to know what is, but pretty sure partially made of sugar.  :happy:


    lol frags…thought you was going to ask what a cumberland sausage is ;D ;D


    “oh he doesnt like akitas like yours” – i look at Lunar – Lunar looks at me – “its a border collie” — “are you sure” — “of course im f**king sure its looks nothing like an akita for f**k sake”

    “is it a cross breed” — “just because its brown doesnt make it a cross” — “well ive never seen a brown border collie before” —- “well at least its not a long legged missmark”

    “awwww look at all those black and white sheep dogs” – “actually that ones brown and that ones merle”

    the list is endless and it sooooooooooooooooooo annoys me


    [quote author=Izzie link=topic=16116.msg281697#msg281697 date=1321052396]
    Had this convo on FB, Jan (breeder) stated she been asked if hers were cucumber spaniels  ??? ??? ::) :blindfold:

    i had actually forgotton about this

    oh and now you have set me off again with the salad dogs

    cucumber spaniels thats about as funny as it gets


    haha  ;D  pickled or fried or served with yoghurt and mint  :whistle:


    Wags, you so funny, couldn’t stop laughing!  Immune system probably been boosted. ;D



    Kiz: Looked up Cumberland Sausages on Wiki. Showed pic–longest sausage I ever seen (in fry pan anyway).    😉

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