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    Got stolen  😮 she has him back thank god!! Guy is in court today – probably pleading not guilty but be daft if he does as evidence is stacked against him – apparently he has a real reputation!!

    Didnt want to post on the board for obvious reasons- but still shocked that it happened!

    They only have him back due to the fact the girl in the house oppisite was off school sick and saw it happen  😮 the dog had somehow got out he never goes far bless him but this guy stopped in his van picked him up turned him over to look at his bits ( he not neutered!!) then slung him in the van – she had the presence of mind to get his number plate  :ok: clever girl shes only 15!! Due to having that AND the police taking it seriously they had him tracked down and back home by 3am that following morning! Stressed etc but none to worse the wear, hope the guy gets sent down – shes going to let me know, trouble is if he pleads guilty the girls going to have to give evidence – however apparently her statement if amazing she even got the time down to the minute  😮 Girl wants to work with animals when she leaves school  😉


    well done to that lass…good mind and reaction…she will do well  🙂


    Yep, my customer took her pressies etc just to say a thanks chances are theyd never got the dog back but for her quick thinking – know what she said………thanks but im just glad the dogs home  :-*



    Good on the girl for her quick thinking!  ;D ;D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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