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    i keep reading about people using a “dead” cue but what is it and how do you teach it?


    it the gunner cue for giving to hand…as in you fetched it…it dead…so give it to me.. 🙂


    oh right ;D ;D


    LOL, its my grandma’s party trick with Izzy, she likes to impress her friends  ::) 😀


    max knows the dead cue. but. he can get it to my hand as if to give it then, ‘ooh, if you want it , it must be great. i’ll keep it’
    unless i have a nice treat, then he spits it at me to get his mouth ready for it!  i make him pick it back up and give it me nice  ;D


    Honey not have this – though she will ‘give’……………..shes more likely to give whatever it is up if told to spit it out ( shouted loudly works even better!)  :embarrass:


    we have spit and give….


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=13918.msg263505#msg263505 date=1237232907]
    it the gunner cue for giving to hand…as in you fetched it…it dead…so give it to me.. 🙂

    Wanna tell Trixie that?  :-[ :-\

    Trixie’s cue is spit it
    Jess’ is dead
    Livia’s is dead – but we is still learning that one  ;D


    william’s is give
    bonnie’s is drop (which means that down is lie down which would be drop and off is get off which should be down – i think thats right lol !!)

    i know what i mean and thats the main thing haha !! 🙂

    but neither of them are required to give the requested item to hand … i dont want their stinky items in my hand lol !!!

    claire x


    Mine are ‘Give’ if I want it in my hand and ‘Drop’ if I don’t want to handle whatever ‘it’ is.


    Theoretically we have a “drop” as in drop it on the floor stinky piece of – what IS that?
    and “dead” which means put it nicely in my hand then let go once I holding it… that’s what it is supposed to mean anyway.  Works well with sticks, less so with tennis balls coz SOME PEOPLE keep SNATCHING the ball out of his mouth when he’s trying to give it to them nicely.  I resent some people sometimes.

    As I scream for the 100th time “Don’t snatch!!!” and “Don’t play tug of war with him!!!”  >:(

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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