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    Hi all
    I have a very hard decision to make and could use some good doggy thoughts.
    As well as my GSD I have 2 spaniel crosses that we rescued 3 months ago. Unfortunatley 1 is going back to the shelter Sunday morning as he has guarding issues and is not safe around my young children. This has been a heart wrenching decision but has been made.

    The question is do I take the 1 back or do they go back as a pair. I have had the lovely Bev round and she says they are not co-dependant of each and sees no problem with splitting them which I was happy about but I still have the thoughts running through my head.

    The one who is going back is very dominant over the one we want to keep, he doesnt let him play and will nip him and body check him and basiclly tells him off so the other goes submissive stright away. I thought this made the little one unhappy but is he really unhappy or jus used to it and quite happy to live that way?

    I am really stuck again now and dont know what to do. My mind was made and now I am unsure again. They are approx 2 1/2 and been together since birth as far as I know.


    I think if one is happy with you and you love him (which you clearly do!) then i do not see why he needs to be returned – returned together is a chance they will be rehomed together and sounds like the one whos going back would maybe benefit from some one to one attention? I dont know  – but bev knows her stuff so if she says its ok – it will be  :yes:  :-*


    You will probably find the little one you keep will blossom when he is split from the bossy one, there is a good chance both will be happier in the long run, your little one as he is not being checked all the time and the bossy one if he can get one to one attention. Just because they have been brought up together don’t mean they won’t be happy apart.


    Had huge long chat tonight , we do not think Max will cope at night on his own as he will not go upstairs and our GSD sleeps with us. He does need someone around.
    I also need to do alot of work with the GSD on her own which will mean shutting Max out at that time , again on his own.


    obviously this is your decision but I too had a rescue who has now in a forever home.  ;D  when I got her she was a timid thing, unsure, had been abused and was bottom of the pack by the time she left us she was a confident boisterous dog – when she went her and my youngest dog were rehomed together – they were a formidable pair – very close – like a tag team to be honest.  I miss their antics so mudge.

    Anyhow my nooch preferred being on his own. He is a very serious dog and I think he found the other two a pain to be honest.  ::)  He tolerated them but how do you know that Max wont cope on his own – the dynamics will totally change sounds to me that if the two are separated then the one who is shy just now will blossom.  Give him a chance – if it doesnt work out then at least you have put the effort in and gave it your best shot  ???


    I think Mudgie is right – you won’t know until you try it and if you don’t you’ll always wonder if it would’ve been ok  🙂


    If it was me I would not blame one dog for anothers bad ways  :ok: or subject one dog to being controlled by the other


    the boyo will come into his own without alfies bully tactics…they are not dependent on eacxh other except for the negative stuff that gives alfie his status..and your son has bonded with the one and not the other..if they go back together then the shelter will do the same…they will re-home them together…ergo it will just continue….

    spaniel crosses…. :-\ who told you that……i dont think so  😉 i am not sure of the colour genetics of the breed i think they are but will research it ….i think they litter brothers and i dont think they spanner x anything…but…then i have spent time in the wilds of france  😉 🙂


    Oh must have pics for guess the breed  :agree:


    yep def….

    no probs with the solid liver… but alfie is…mmm a …puzzle …he white/black/grey mix.. hence my thinking litter brothers??…they act as if…but that a huge genetiic colour cross over  :-\ but..have seen this before …and yep a long long time ago..but the brain cells are saying it possible..brain cells just not saying where and when and how to check  ::)

    if they are a cross then they are at least F2 from the 2 breeds that made up the parenting…for me..drop dead gorg and i would really really really like…esp the solid liver  🙂

    french hunting hounds that then became gunner ish hounds  gundogs 🙂

    doing my head in…has been since thursday…..going to email french mate with the working poodles  :-\ ::)


    MMmm will wait for the reply with interest  :agree:


    ;D 😛

    you already there….. or at least in the same linage  :ok: :agree:


    honest everyone…val and i have not had any communication off the board..hand on heart…we have not i promise…


    i think from what you have said and what bev has said if it was me i would keep the other one, give him a good chance of an excellent life with your family and see where he ends in the pack  :ok:  plus it will be easier for the shelter to only rehome one  :happy:

    good luck with which ever decision you make  :yes:


    I would like to thank everyone here who has replied and to Bev for helping me out on this one.
    I agree with what you are saying but there is trouble at mill now and my hands are tied and he is being returned.
    My heart is gonna break tomorow morning  :-[ when I say my goodbyes to them. Thankyou all again.


    i’m sorry hun ((hugs)) hope you get sorted and keep strong tomorrow  :-*

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