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    do you grow/breed etc norfolk blacks…turkey breed here in the uk??


    Kiz think he breeds mainly these, pretty and ugly at the same time ;D



    Lass is right, Bev. Ronquiere is what i breed  😉 .
    Half of my stock are already ‘freezer ready’, other half are … Flying allover the place. This week we found 4-5 of them on top of the roof of the house, they escaped from the barn and came over to where the food is  ::) . Should have taken a pic of the Christmasfreezerstock ontop of my house. Took a while for Diesel to find them all the way upthere. You should have seen Diesel’s face when he spotted them. Was like
      ‘ :what: … Wtf… How am i suppost to get up there to get them back???’ rotflol

    Should have seen my face too  😛 , cause i got hit on the head by one’s wings when she flew down from the roof. That’s when i looked up, saw the others  :canadian: hahahaha.


    haha…reminds me of the time i took brose to a farm…she was about 9 months…i was doing ‘no those dont count’ with the chickens and geese…when out of nowhere came a screeching guinea fowl …rightn over her head..she did ‘no? well that one does’ and finally cornered it in a barn….it froze…went tharn…she picked it up and brought it to me but instead of delivering to hand she dropped it and it started again…she looked at me looked at it and watched it go up to barn roof with a ‘F it then’….from that point on…if ever we went near fowl…she always checked the sky haha

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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