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    You’re a bird man aren’t you?
    I have some questions for you… probably really stupid ones but hey, I’d like the answers anyhow  😀

    was walking long the canal today and saw a canada goose with a feather sticking out awkwardly… got me thinking…not a soft fluffy downy one.. a big one that you might dip i ink and write with  :-[

    Would it hurt if the feather was plucked out? Would it bleed? They are big feathers right.. must hurt surely??
    and… do they grow the big ones back if they lose them?
    :-[  ;D


    and there’s me thinking you’d have enough on your plate to worry about with the wedding  ;D  😉


    😀 nothing left to worry about now.. have steroids in case i need them and have dealt with the angry Registrar that hadn’t received anything from Richard  ::)


    fritz could solve this problem…easypeasy…can richard cook roast goose?  :-\  tell him to sear it and then put the tatties around the bird  🙂


    lol Bev.. i dont want to eat it  😀 altho  i like a bit of goose and the fat  😛 mmmmm


    They feel it alright but not thaaat bad. The bigger the fether, the more they feel it. At the tail and the wings, the biggest are the ones they need to fly. Those might bleed a verry little if plucked out. But if you can get hold of 1 and pluck it out his pride will hurt the most  😉 . No real harm done, it will grow back just fine. They shed all fethers twice a year.
    Pluck out a few of those bigones in 1 wing and he can fly no more. They shed them equaly at both sides so they won’t tilt over. Of if you pluck 1-2 on  the left wing, pluck the same amount on the right wing. Than it can still fly if you don’t pluck the 3 to 4 most outher fethers.

    To write with…. best fethers are the big ones (tail and other wingfethers). Leave it for a week so the end gets really hardened up. Than use a scalpel to make it more pointy  😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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