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    Diesel, my lovely pretty boy…….. 6 today already  :'( ….. still the young snotter attitude which, by now, i think he won’t ever loose.

    Been hard on me yesterday, as that was Wodan’s Bday. First one without him…

    Diesel… how down you were when we lost big bro. But how far you came since than. Just a little hint, my little man: stop trying to be your big bro. Cause you are NOT, and you’ll NEVER will be. But it’s not what i expect from you, nor wish you to be. Just settle down and calm down, let me enjoy you being YOU.



    6  :surprise:
    wow…how time flies

    happy birthday d dog… :-* :-*

    and listen to your dad  :ok:

    am sure woden was hovering …just out the corner of your eye hun  😉

    that big lump in your heart? it will get easier…will always be there but you will start to welcome it…trust me …when i have a bad day and am driving home in the dark and brose is up there as my guiding star…i welcome her…would be certified if folk could hear me  ::)…on the motorway…talking to her…take what he offers…they never leave us…



    Happy Birthday Dieseldawg, hope dad has got you a REAL special dinner!

    BIG HUGS D, nodog will replace Wodan xxxxx

    Travis 1

    Happy 6th birthday gorgeous :-*


    Happy Birthday Diesel dog :-* :-*
    It’s Christmas that will hit us, Tam loved opening his pressies Willow not interested


    Diesel I remember you as a fluffy bundle Happy Birthday you beauty how time flies


    Is scary how time flys! Happy Birthday Diesel dog xxxx


    happy birthday Diesel dog  :-*

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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