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    :nono: Bev,knowing you…. liar, liar… You’d go for TWO testicals at the same time  :canadian: … I would  :whistle: .

    And it’s not just contagious disease dogs people dare to drag out for a walk… Last encounter with something ‘contagious’ was a man bringing his 2 dogs over to our place for a visit and leaving after a while with the words ‘oh, you might need to check your boys in a few days cause mine got flees……  :scared:


    mmm…actually diesal….think i might leave the other one for mo  😉

    but seriously….as soon as i was informed that the utility folk were carrying these…i went into action…(i even offered to do a free training session with the employees on dog communication)…..the metres are on MY PROPERTY…they want to read them? THEY ASK ME…they wander on without asking and my dogs alert…bearing in mind they would alert and not make contact ….(tho ami sure looks to a non dog person as if she might when she wound up) ….then it their risk…but use a pepper spray?? on one of mine??  they then get me… they then get a huge bill…they also get newspaper coverage…they then get me in court…they then get a bevinpitbullmodeonbadday……


    Bev, understand this not  desirable situation for me or anyone else here…we have no choice…we must deal with our reality.  I have no Brose to save my dogs from attacking dogs…that’s why it’s up to me.

    I would not pepper spray a dog for growling at us.  I would spray & use metal rod on any unleashed dog with his teeth on my dog.  I will protect my dogs with spray & rod as you would protect yours with boot to testicle…and mind you, my dogs would be leashed, on public property (not in someone’s garden) & not growling at other dog when the other dog sank his teeth into mine.

    These dogs are serious & they do not stand still for a slip leash to be placed over their head.  Two of these dogs live a few houses away from me. They got lose, jumped another neighbor’s fence to attack their lab, tearing off 2/3 of his tail.  Thank God lab owner was home.  These dogs have been lose several times since…I had animal control pick them up once myself.  Owners have been allowed to keep them…I just hope never when I’m walking…Have to avoid that end of street.

    A few years ago a woman & her dog were both killed by 3 of her neighbor’s dogs in nearby county while in her own front garden.  Neighbor had been told repeatedly by animal control to keep dogs on her property.  She went to jail & the other women to her grave.

    These dogs aren’t testing or bluffing…they are killing.  One of them tries to tear my dog apart, my only choice is to fight dog off.  That is my responsibility to my dogs.



    i understand…i couldnt wouldnt live like that…
    but…what about kicking in the law?  you have a vicious dog act? no?

    “Vicious Dog.” Any dog that, without provocation, meets any of the following requirements:

        Has killed or caused serious injury to any person;
        Has caused injury, other than killing or serious injury, to any person or has killed another dog;
        While off the premises of the owner, bites or causes physical harm to a human being, domestic animal, or feline;
        While on the premises of the owner or premises under control of the owner, bites or otherwise causes physical harm to mail carriers, utility workers, City of Wheeling employees, delivery persons, or any police or emergency person; or
        Belongs to the breed that is commonly known as a pit bull terrier, canary dog, and American bull dog. The ownership, keeping or harboring of such a breed of dog shall be prima-facie evidence of the ownership, keeping or harboring of a vicious dog.

    Owners of vicious dogs must:

        securely confine their dogs
        leash and muzzle their dogs when the dogs are not confined
        Post “Beware of Dog” signs at entrance points to their property
        Procure $100,000 US in liability insurance
        Spay/neuter the dog
        Notify the government if the dog escapes, or if it bites a person or an animal[53]


    Unfortunately, the animal control laws are not always enforced as they should be…RE: the 2 dogs at end of my street repeatedly getting lose after their attack on lab in his own fenced garden & RE: 3 dogs that killed woman & her shitzue, owner was warned repeatedly by animal control, they didn’t take dogs from her or jail her until they killed.  If the laws were enforced consistently, it would be a lot safer for everyone.

    Also, should mention laws vary from state to state & from county to county.  Wheeling not in our state, but you are right in that we do have dangerous dog laws here.  Also, dog next door hasn’t broken any laws yet, so her first offense could end up being her coming over fence to hurt or kill my dogs.  Then too late if Fraggle or Brady gone.  And may have 10 yrs to deal w/this since she only about 11 or 12 months.  So will spend money I can’t afford, do more sacrificing & have 7 foot fence installed.

    BTW don’t think pit bulls legally dangerous dogs in my state unless law changed when I not looking…every state has their own laws, tho.  Now if they would just be enforced.  Oh & 6 month old baby killed by family dog in next county this year…horrible tragedy but this happens here. Some people in major denial about their dogs.  Sad & dangerous for everyone.



    it is a naff article – but from our response sure shows how many irresponsible owner let their dogs off a lead !! or even when on a lead – buster got attacked by a mastiff ON A lead which it broke – is scary really!!


    Bev if you hit pitbullmodeonbadday I think we would probly hear it even down here lol

    With the new place that  Im moving into the landlord has the right to enter the property for emergency reasons if  we arent in. I told them, thats fine but dont blame me if you get a stand off from the dog. I did say that I would try to install a code word with Stan so that they can get in if needed and both myself and my partner are at work


    We have a lot of aggressive staffies around here owned by teenage gobshites that think it is clever to teach their dogs to attack other dogs. Had one go after Willow and Tam, put the dogs behind me and threatened to call the police . Mouthy little git decided against it after telling me his dog could kill mine. I now avoid all staffies, can’t take a chance on it any more.
    The other thing that winds me up is people letting bitches in season off lead to go up to any dog they fancy, then they tell you she is in season. They did this to my sister with Farrokh once, she just said that fine he is entire and there was a hasty scrap to put the bitch on a lead ;D 


    well its a bit sugar honey ice tea  :embarrass: really

    lets face it – if you have a “leash reactive” dog are you going to be walking it in a park full of bouncy doggies ???? well uhmmmmm i wouldnt like to think so really because that would be silly and counter productive and pointless

    to be fair in the past because i have had rescues etc that are reactive i have had this issue – and i have had people say “oh hes friendly he wants to say hi etc etc” while my dog is saying “mum get that dog out of my face before i rip its face off” – only ever once have i actually said what i thought to someone about this and thats purely because he said it was me and not my dog that i must have had a bad experience or something as to which i told him no my dog doesnt tollerate rude dogs and if you dont move yours out of her face she will attack it and she promtly snapped at said dog POINT PROVEN DUDE

    what happens more now its other dogs seem to be allowed to run up to mine with this “omg look at all these new friends” attitude and when they get there its like “f*** me theres loads of them” then run off with their tail between their legs and often followed by mine going “ohhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy whats up we didnt do anything”

    BUT the best thing about the artical is this list
    contagious diseases – UHM they dont want to be out and about around other dogs lol
    leash reactivity – counter productive walking them where you know other dogs are going to be ??????????????
    service and working dogs – ok that can be forgiven i suppose
    injuries and painful physical conditions – shouldnt they just be pottering in the garden or round the lanes near home ?
    intolerance of other animals – see above
    recovery from surgery – and again
    fearful of unfamiliar or rowdy dogs – uh repeating ones selves
    aging and elderly – again see above
    learning self control around other dogs isnt this the same as the above ?
    are owned by people that want to be left alone – yeh this is so me hence planing the move to my own private island – we live in a world with OTHER people get over it.

    is that what you meant Bev ?



    folk have un cued dogs…fact of life

    dont condone folk walking dogs with disease etc

    naff article

    thanks wags  🙂


    Yes a naff article but it started a lively debate :ok:


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=16182.msg282742#msg282742 date=1323182909]

    dont condone folk walking dogs with disease etc


    but it says contagious — if my dogs have kennel cough or something i wouldnt really want them passing on then i wouldnt have them running around the park where they are likely to pass it on to other dogs n stuff

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