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    I started sneezing yesterday and not long after so did my two dogs. Now all 3 of us are sneezing. ?


    yep they can.

    if u all sneezling tho is it the heating being on making air dry ?


    I wish , lol, my house has no heating. Only one small fire in the main room. The rest of the house is freezing . So we all huggle round the fire lol


    you haven’t got a new air freshener or something that might be making you sneeze have you? and if it’s a gas fire have you had it tested recently for carbon monoxide – not that that would usually cause sneezing – from personal experience of a dodgy gas fire it gives you very pink cheeks and makes you go drowsy… or any flowers or anything different that might be irritating all your noses?


    or any new cleaning materials – anything in the “air”  ???

    maybe you have inadvertently reinforced them sneezing after you – you could get that on cue


    No, nothing new. No new air fresheners and fire is checked every year so it fine. We all feeling a bit better now sneezing has calmed down . Think it was the sudden change in weather getting very cold suddenly. We all just keeping warm now. The only thing I have an allergy to is dust mites, but I don’t think it was my allergy. My daughter is fine though She made me a hot drink, but had to laugh at us all sitting on the sofa sneezing this morning lol. The chi has it the worst. Poor thing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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