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    Oh Coliiiiiiiiin!!!  :boooo: couple dodgy looking emails etc – again – sorry!!! Have left until you or  Val have looked  :-*


    Mmm there’s 8 waiting to be let in and they all look iffy to me too  :help:


    I know of on forum that was hit by a porno troll, took them a whole morning to clear their board.


    I thought the last attack was over.  The joining security was at low.  When the attack started I raised it to medium and then to high.  Yesterday I thought I would try medium again.  That was the wrong decision.  I have now increased the security back to high.  With the high security it stops the robots joing, but also makes it hard for real people to join.

    I think I have got rid of the bad ones.


    I have banned two complete IP addresses.  One in Saudi Arabia, I think the other is Czech.  They are trying time and time again to join.  My error log is showing them trying about 40-50 times a day.


    :boooo: some people have far to much time on there hands – glad you got it sorted Colin  :yes:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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