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    on how old this girl might be?
    She is in my local pound and hasnt been re-claimed, the thought of her in there is awful, i e-mailed the pound but they said they had no information on her or history and had no idea of how old she is  ???
    all they do know is that she was picked up in a scrap yard  :-\

    So by the picture would anyone beable to hazard a guess to her age??



    if ur thinking of taking her – does it matter how old she is ?  she could be an older dog and last years yet, or a young dog with something like cancer which cant yet be detected and go within a few months …

    Its very hard to tell ages after “puppyhood” and before “older age” rescues and vets tend to go on teeth (how many, type + condition) but even this can fool you – dogs fed on tinned cheap food can have bad tartar or even lose a whole mouth of teeth much much younger than you’d ever expect.

    William was supposed to be 2 1/2 when we first met him and his mouth was full of hard nasty tartar, Bonnie was 2 1/2 not long after we had her and hers were like bright white pearls in there and she’d been a street dog.

    Claire x


    i dont suppose age does matter, just wanted to get a general idea i guess.
    It’s just i know what little dogs can be like for being little snappers, and its not as if i can take my kids and dog down to the pound as its tiny they dont let u out away from the pound with potential new owners to see what they are like with small children or other dogs, so that is the only thing that is putting me off, plus the fact they have no idea on how long she has been at the scrap yard for.

    I just dont understand how they expect to re-home if they are unwilling to let you have some free time with the dog  ???




    yep – i agree u dont want to be taking ur own dog or kids down the pound.  have you got a local rescue who takes out of time poundies ?  if so get onto them about her and say ur interested in meeting her.


    i would just say look how much do you want for her ?  i’ll leave you the money and my address while we take her out for a few hours – if we are gonna keep her we’ll call and let you know at an agreed time and she’s off your hards or we’ll return her and you give us the money back and no-one is worse off plus you get to know a little of what shes like with kids/dogs … 🙂  *nb: get a proper receipt and dont give cash unless you can possibly help it.

    claire x


    shes very sweet and filthy  least i hope her feet arnt just a muddy colour  😀

    you decided what to do?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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