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does this ever happen to you ?

dogclub – Good dog food – Good for dogs Forums General Category Gossip does this ever happen to you ?

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    today – in search of Kaolin i decided on a whim to go over to the horsey part of feed place and harry walks along and picks up a thing of garlic powder and decide to buy it for dogs.

    before i go out – i load the dogs into the car i notice slight blood on 1 of mistys toenails – i think i check that when we get home and think nowt more of it.  i gets home and find some blood spots on one of the beds and a dead 1/2 engorged tick (i know what it is immediately after the exam/tick incident!) take it outside its definately fed and come out with some legs left in place so i think ok better look at that foot closer and just a tiny scrape of blood and I see possibly 2 bite places one side and a longer scratch the other side – these must be recent as i have been looking at her bits re: the licking – could she have got it from kennels and it crawl around on her bedding / on her not biting her since sat pm and only bite her today?

    she’s only been out to fields once since she came back with my other 2 and no ticks on them plus its a field we go to a fair bit and never had a problem.

    just wondering what is more likely – generally kennels are very very clean and misty was being cuddled every day by volunteers/owner there who would have spotted anything on her.  no livestock on site either.  Didnt look like a deer tick tho – about the same size and same kinda feet but was dark red/black colour.

    can i just give garlic now as preventative anyway ?  shall i use aloe on the bite areas as she’s scratched them and they are now a little dry.

    anyway – does it happen to you when you randomly decide to do something and then you need it when you get home how odd ??????


    No I usually find I was going to get some and decided naaaah won’t bother.  :-\

    if it is an engorged tick that has dropped off it has prob been there a couple of weeks as that’s how long they feed for. if it’s been lurking up the side of the nail it will have been hard to spot.  😉 i think they usually only attach empty as if they’re on something and killed by a treatment they come off dead or if people remove them they generally despatch them.  🙂

    so i would say she prob got it before kennels and it was very small and hidden.  🙂

    if she keeps getting ticks guess you might want the garlic.  🙂 i would clean it in dilute iodine or similar, whatever sort of antisepticcy thing you use. have only ever used aloe straight from the plant but would have thought that would be fine – use it on midgey bites on me. (i appear to be tasty  ::) .)


    ditto GSP – i say shes had it for a bit.


    everyone has forgotten my name again.  :'( :'( :'( :'(


    no just didnt know if Claire knew it so was easier to put that  🙂


    oh ok – just that everyone is calling me gsp again – but other people possibly didn’t know anyway.  :-\ am going to start a what is your name thread.  ;D


    as for the buying stuff and finding i need it..nope me not psychic at all  ;D i buy loads of stuff i really don’t ever need though, does that count?  😀

    as for ticks, hate them took one out of beau mm from his tear duct (dogs have tear ducts same as us don’t they?) anyway right next to the corner of his eye, stupid things! took one off his bum hole last week poor lad has had them on his bum hole twice and once on his balls and once on his shaft, poor lad  🙁 think he should stop sitting on them  😀


    ouchies !!

    nah – it wasnt in nail, definately under her tum (inside thigh??) she’s what looks like 2 bites and a scrape – guess she knocked it off hence bloody nail and full tick on floor.  Wouldnt have normally noticed as she’s well bad with her back end she widdles on you if you push your luck too much examining there !!

    she good if u do TTouch tho – glad i know it !!  finally come in really handy !

    Claire x

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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