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    Should we start a thread on this? Awhile ago Bev sent me a test with pictures and I had to tell her what each dog was thinking , asking or doing. It was very interesting and informative and I know we could all use some practice on this, I could that’s for sure.

    It could work like this;  post a picture or video of your dog (or any dog) interacting with another dog(s)  and we could guess what is happening, what led up to the meeting and what happened after the picture. The person who posts the picture can answer questions posed about it as hopefully they’ll remember how the encounter went and what was the outcome.  If you have a picture of a meeting and aren’t sure what happened then maybe others can enlighten.

    I dunno, whaddaya think? Worth a try?


    Sounds like a really good idea… It’s always good to know what body language means, so you can anticipate a situation happening, and hopefully be prepared to drag your dog out of harm’s way if you can see it might go wrong.

    I am rubbish at taking pictures tho, so I’ll just keep having a look in to see what others have posted!!


    yep sounds good


    that sounds a great plan ;D

    :ok: shall i start it off

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    go on then ;D


    Ok, I’ll have a go. I’m just going to assume that Stan is reacting to another dog.

    He looks a bit surprised. Is on alert but no hackles, tail is up but appears to be wagging. He’s down low almost in play posture. Without seeing the other dog(s) I’d say Stan is either in the midst of having a good time or is just about to

    this is hard  ;D


    how about a hint ;D

    theres no other dogs ;D


    Well you ain’t playin’ right then!!  😀

    Ok, you’re about to throw him a stick or there’s a squirrel on the wall  🙂


    Have you got a ball?  Or a cat walking along the wall or something?  Lovely pic BTW!  🙂


    sorry i missed the dog interacting with dog bit 😀 😀

    my nephew waas throwing the ball for him ;D in this pic my nephew was talking whilst he had the ball in his hand and stan jumped onto his feet and barked at him to throw the ball


    Woo yay!! I guessed ball from that before I read the other posts!!  Was his back end being crouched ready to run, with that alertness that only a ball can bring!!

    More more more!!!


    Yep thats a ball face! LOL, you can see him ready to spring up into action!
    Ok i’ve got a pic

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]


    ooh, that one’s perfect Foxy. and what a gorgeous Beagle! Love the white on the nose!

    Ok, another bash from me.

    I would say this is a first time meet and greet. probably already done the butt sniff, both avoiding direct nose to nose and using sideways eye contact……beagle is a little puffed up and in that “ready for anything ” posture but still slightly back on its heals…..fluffy dog alert but waggy

    My guess is that right after this they either went into play bows or they just walked away and decided they each didn’t have what they were looking for  🙂


    Wow!  well done Nick!  You summed it up perfectly  :ok:

    This is the after shot
    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    Oscar the beagle, very amiable, meeting a ‘stranger’ dog on the beach (who seriously needs a groom!).  They did everything Nick said, then Oscar turned his head away and went off to find something else.

    I’ve got a couple more pics uploading



    and Kerrie, you’re right, we should expand this to include single dog pictures as well. Doesn’t have to be relating to another dog either.  That’s a fab pic of Stan!



    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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