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    im trying to figure out the breed of a puppy at the rescue, so was wondering what black and tan breeds there are?


    i know:
    black and tan coonhound
    german shepherd

    the little pupster is a spitting imige of stan, except his brown points are a lighter colour so i would be interested to try and figure out his breeding


    Well if he’s like stan i’d think more than likely he’s rottie x.  The tan on pet bred dogs ranges from rust to even yellow.  Any other distinguishing features?  There’s tonnes of breeds that have B+T colouring and even more crossbreeds  🙂


    he has a tail 😀 he is not stocky built, more GSH or doberman built (body wise) hes not got a heavy coat but a very short light coat. his markings are exactly the same as stans, tan legs, tan spot above the eyes and tan round his mouth

    i did wonder if he was a rottie cross, the rescue said hes 13 months (approx) but hes very small and not as matture as my Mattie was at that age so i wondered if he might be a bit younger


    Beauceron is another but dont get many over here



    New Zealand Huntaway


    the kelpie is a big possibility will go and have a mooch on google


    do you have a photo of him……..


    was just about to ask for a photo too 😀


    suz hes the one you put up on the Bracken forum 😀 thats the only picture there is of him


    on the Brackens website hes down as a collie x (didnt look on there 😀 ) but i think he might very well be a kelpie x



    the pup on the front page ??

    tan points – border collie and manchester terrier

    and i’d say BCX for the pup.



    you beat me to it – he’s a BC X poss terrier – dont look like a Kelpie to me.


    yep the picture on the opening page

    oh right just ive never seen a border collie with those marking before


    hehe 🙂

    they come in tons of pretty colours mate 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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