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Dog Club is not the Kennel Club (register puppies)

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    A growing concern to Dog Club is the number of people trying to register their newly purchased puppies with Dog Club.  I am sorry to say Dog Club was just a good idea for a web site relating to all things doggie.  If you need to register or sort out anything to do with a ‘pedigree’ registered dog/puppy, then you need to contact the Kennel Club in the UK.  I do not have any official link to the Kennel Club, I do have web links to their web site.

    If you are outside the UK, then you will need to locate your offical organisation for registering pedigree dogs.

    If you have your dog registered on any other register in the UK, then this is not the ‘official’ pedigree dog register for the UK.

    Initial registration of any litter/puppy is done by the breeder.  New dog/pup owners will only be able to change the ownership of a dog.  The breeder should provide you with the registration certificate from the Kennel Club when you purchase the dog/pup.  If you have imported a dog/pup from outside the UK, then you should check with the Kennel Club as to what is required from each specific country.

    Below is an extract from the Kennel club web site:
    see the whole article at

    What to expect from a breeder:

        * If the dog is advertised as Kennel Club registered, you should make sure that you see the Kennel Club registration certificate for the puppy before you take the puppy home. If the registration certificate is not available when you take your puppy, ensure that you receive an undertaking in writing that this will be sent to you when received from the Kennel Club.
        * It is the responsibility of the breeder to register the litter, which will be recorded in their name. The breeder will name all the puppies, and the names may include his/her Kennel Name.
        * Under normal circumstances, the litter registration should take approximately 14 days. The certificates will then be returned to the breeder. If there is a query on the form or about the names chosen for the puppies, the Kennel Club Registration Department will contact the breeder to clarify the position.
        * The breeder should hand you a blue Kennel Club Breeder Certificate, which includes all the puppy’s details that are registered with the Kennel Club. Please make sure that the breeder has signed the transfer of ownership form on the back of the certificate and completed the date of sale field.
        *  Also ask the breeder for information on the following:
              o A Contract of Sale, which should detail both the breeders and your responsibility to the puppy. It should also advise about any official Kennel Club endorsements (these could be restrictions against breeding or exporting the puppy) that the breeder may have placed on the puppy’s records, and under what basis the breeder is prepared to remove them. Before or at the time of sale, the new owner must give a signed acknowledgement of any endorsement placed.

        * Written advice on training, feeding, rearing, exercise, worming, immunisation, insurance etc.

        * Copies of any additional health certificates for the sire and dam.

    What to do when you get your Kennel Club  registered puppy home:

        * Transfer the ownership of the dog into your own name (you will find this section on the reverse of the registration certificate), ensuring that all parties have signed the relevant sections. Make sure you activate the Kennel Club Healthcare Plan six weeks free insurance offer at this time. You can do this by ticking the box in Section C on the form, by calling 0800 369 9091


    Can I also add, The “‘Kennel and Canine Pedigree Registration co” is not the Kennel Club and a site that will issue a pedigree with little or no confirmation of pedigree lines.  I have an experience with this pedigree co as you cannot contact them. A breeder from Kent issues these pedigrees with this format and will not use the Kennel club. His lines are dubious as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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