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    I have finally been able to repair the Dog Club Photo Gallery on each of the breeds with a recent server move.  At the moment there are 3 restrictions on the picture:

    File must be jpg or jpeg.
    File must be less then 35kb.
    File must be wider than 200 pixels

    How to check these: in XP open the folder with the photo you wish to upload.  Hoover the mouse over that picture or the icon for that picture.  You will then get a description box appear

    The first of the dimensions is the width.

    I have also disabled html from the title and description text.

    If there are any problems with the new gallery, let me know.  I will also post in this thread any FAQs about any problems with the gallery.

    Good News – the new gallery works with FireFox

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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