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    the price of chappie down here (on the rock ::) ) is stupidly high so i am trying to find an online store were i can buy it.

    if anyone knows an online store that sells chappie, has to sell dried biscuits 2kg & tinned original as the postage is very high in some stores, then can you please let me know.


    have you got him on chappie all the time?


    Suki is on tinned Chappie, Tesco is charging 51p for a small tin, Waitrose is charging 45p for the same tin ::)


    how unusual for waitrose to be cheaper !!

    wonder if their online deliver to IOW ?


    whats the moisture content in modern chappie…no time to look …anyone got a tin?




    so at 50p a tin 38p for water…


    after reading the nutritional contents of chappie bickies ive desided to keep him on the bickies he is already on. so i am just looking for somewere to buy the tins

    bev he is on chappie in the morning and biscuites at night

    claire i will go and have a look at waitrose



    are there any breeders / kennels / rescues on IOW – perhaps they would be “importing” dog feed and could get your tins added on just a thought ?

    claire x


    thats an idea, i will do some digging about ;D

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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