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    what the f is the breeder/mother doing letting the kiddy take the pup away for a walk in the f ing garden at 1 week old….ffs…..and then    >:D >:D >:D  why didnt she know he had gone in to the loo…. >:D >:D >:D
    mind you then to call the pup dyno kind of sums up the mentality…and i guess they maybe sold the story to the paper…and and and  >:D >:D >:D >:D

    the rspca should take the litter away as far as i am concerned…..

    >:D >:D >:D


    Thought the same as you :yes: Kid that age shouldn’t be let near pups of any age without being watched
    Mum-of-seven Alison said: “About an hour later I realised the dog was missing and asked the boys where he was
    Took her an hour 😮 all Mums know the moment the kid is quiet it’s up to something ::)


    they no longer at that house


    watched it on the news


    ::) ::) what idiots! people like these should not be breeding >:(


    I just cannot believe this – I cannot believe the mother….. what the h*** was she doing, I cannot believe the RSPCA – why did they not take the bitch and puppies away for their safety?  And what mentality are the press to make such fun of what must have been a horrific ordeal for this baby??

    It makes me feel ill  >:( 🙁


    it just gets worse  >:D >:D >:D

    seen the new advert for dyno-rod?…..

    a pic of pup being held up…..No job too small….

    eyes not even open yet…and subjected to this as an aftermath to his distress….the should be ashamed not exploiting the wee lad…

    disgusting  >:(

    wonder how much they got paid for that…. >:D


    Saw that advert and thought the same thing ::)


    Ah, i saw this on our Belgian news. Kid put puppy in toilet because it was muddy right? ………  ::)


    Quote – “The lady was very concerned” said Mark “she was worried about the puppy and about the cost of the rescue”. Mark was able to reassure her that there would not be a charge from Dyno Rod. “All we were concerned about was getting the puppy out alive” he added.

    That just boiled my blood, poor pupster

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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