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    My irish red & white setter seems to be scared of an electric heater.  Normally lounge is heated by woodburner, but occasionally I can’t be bothered to light it, so put on electric heater instead.  Immediately she runs to back door to ask to be let out and then just sits in corner of garden cowering until I make her come back in.  If I turn the heater off she settles down fine in the lounge again.  Heater doesn’t normally live in lounge, but she is fine with it being there until I switch it on.  I have tried ignoring her, but hard when dog asks to go out.  Any suggestions?


    well,,to you it just a heater…to her it a monster that gives out hot fire and also hums…

    you need to de-sensitise it

    you do this by feeding her next to it while it off….then gradually building up to feeding her at a safe distance obv it when it on….

    if you have re-enforced the behaviour by doung aww fuss it ok wont hurt you etc etc will take longer…say 2 weeks …if you havnt then about a week

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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