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    Are there any other dog sniffers out there?
    It started as a means of getting my own back, now I’m addicted.  My beautiful little fox terrier has a pleasant biscuity smell.  His friend, also a fox is similar with a hint of ginger.
    Am I alone in appreciating my pets olfactory attributes?
    Is it a criminal offence?

    The Crows Mother.


    Well i like the smell of my dog… but i hope you aren’t talking bums here  :canadian: :canadian:


    HAHA! Always! Every opportunity I get I sniff their heads. They smell like warm hay… absolutely lovely, unless you get a whiff of a schnauzer beard… that’s not pleasant.


    Definately no bums, I leave that to the dogs.  Its the head that has the best aroma.  Mouth is not so good, dogbreath does not have its reputation for nothing, especially after dinner.


    I like feet.  😀 Only Dorain’s, though. And ears. And heads. I thought I was just  :crazy: .


    Yey we do  ;D nothing weird at all, just before shes desperate for a bath is best time  ;D


    Lol I love the smell of Piper  ;D As for dog breath  😮  :nono:  no dog breath in my house  ;D


    Yeah i love the smell of Izzy’s head and warm ears  🙂


    i wouldnt be smelling Oban at this moment in time – hes got that manky dog smell going on  :vomit:

    im off tomorow so its bath time all round


    Its nice to know one is not alone in ones vices
    It seems head and ers is the most popular anatomical region for a sniff.  And as several people have observed, one must pick ones moment.  Linux, a fox terrier I frequently dog sit has a talent for finding disgusting things to roll in.  I think his supreme moment wass a dead toad full of live maggots.
    Sniffing did not occur.


    yeah i love to smell my two but after a while they do get wiffie and need a qick bath to freshen up.

    i am now enjoying the new puppy smell and puppy breath ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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