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    We have just launched a website for dog walkers and sitters to list their businesses and get more customers. Any feedback is hugely appreciated:


    have had a quick look…and think i understand your site…havnt signed up to get more info…but what i would ask is what protection/assurance are you offering for anyone that contacts a walker/sitter by using your service?


    Had a quick look.  It’s a nice and professional looking site, I hope you make some money from it, if that is your objective.  I made a dog walking directory ( in the hope that it would generate some google adword cash.  It didnt and hasnt but I keep it going for fun now.

    Btw, noticed in your signature the “starting a dog walking business” guide link doesn’t work, you’ll have to fix that. 

    I’m a dog walker and wrote a “how to be dog walker” guide a few months back.  It can be found here

    Good luck with your venture.  It’s a very competitive field and most wannabe dog walkers are skint and jobless, hence part of the appeal of dog walking.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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