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    Hello are there any dog walkers out there who would like to meet up for walks in the Cannock Chase or areas around Tamworth or hour or so driveย  ?Am trying hard to set up a dog walking group around this area and so far not having much luck
    Would love to meet up with fellow mad dog people for chats and company have recently moved and although surrounded by fields we hardly meet any dogs that want to play and run etc
    Am owned by 3 dogs , 2 Cocker Spaniels girls one rescue aged about 2 and one old girl 13 years.
    Also have a very handsome English Setter boy aged 3 who loves company of any sort and loves to play and run . All 3 had the snip so no chance of any accidents !! I can drive so if you have spare hour in the week please contact me .Thanks for reading hope to hear from like minded dog nuts soon !! Sue


    Hi SUE,
    I visit cannock chase now and then when huuby has the time as i,m also a non driver,so i may bump into you sometime. Have you thought about putting a notice up at the visitors centre asking for dog walking companions,or maybe an ad in the chase post.

    Hope you find someone willing to keep you company on your hikes.


    Hi Sue

    sent you a pm


    hey sue…

    i can do some more walks with you.. just let me know if you wanna


    Hi Sue

    I live in Burton upon Trent- I have a rescued (stray) jack russell and I’m trying to improve his social skills- He’s fine off lead with other dogs (he’s just started to want to play with other dogs rather than looking permanantly stressed)- but barks when on the lead at other dogs (its getting better). If you dont mind his initial noisiness- we’d love to join you for walks


    I have an 11 month old german shepard and we go for a walk on the chase every sun if anyone wants to meet up.
    we normally walk round by the German cemetery entrance or hednesford hills but i have a car so enjoying finding new walks round the chase.
    Jerry, my dog is still young so she can be a bit noisy and over excited when meeting dogs for the 1st time but once she gets familiar with another dog she calms down and the worse she could do is lick someone to death to be honest.

    I would really like for her to meet other dogs so she stays a sociable dog so let me know if any one fancy a walk


    Hi I’ve got a rescued german shepherd who desperatly needs doggy company, he acts up on first introduction (rearing up and barking) but is a real softy, we’ve had him around 9 months and tried several training groups but all he wants to do is play and tumble round with the others and unfortunately the trainers are just not patient enough to deal with his behaviour, do you yhink your dogs would be able to cope with such a big personality I wouldn’t want anyone to get upset, regards Jo


    hey sorry for the delay in reply i havent checked in for a while jerry loves meeting up with other dogs especially other Shepard i regularly take her to the chase for walks. if you wanted to meet up and take them together that would be lovely as I would like her to introduce her to more dogs as she started playful barking at other dogs but other owner take it the wrong way that she being aggressive which makes me nervous to let her go play.


    Hi would love to bring Zion along to meet up sorry haven’t checked in for a while as didn’t have any replies initially, let me know whereabouts on the Chase you go and a day and I’ll come along, I’m off work now until 11th Jan so anytime would suit me, thanks for your reply, I have the same problem with Zion but he’s got no aggression in him at all just excitement and frustration at not being let off for a run and tumble, hopefully we could sort them out by letting them walk together, look forward to hearing from you regards Jo


    Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m Katie, I’m 15 almost 16 and have a 5 year old collie x lab he’s a rescue. He loves other dogs but sometimes doesnt bother with them. I live right by Sutton Park and would love to meet up there sometime as i love dogs! Please contact me if interested ๐Ÿ™‚


    I live in Hednesford and am looking for walking companions for myself and my 10 month old Irish water spaniel. She is very hyper initially but is very friendly and loves people and dogs.ย  I’m looking for similar sized dogs for her to play/walk with.
    During term time I walk her at 0830-0900 and evenings.

    If your interested, please contact me.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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