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    :help: How old do you have to be to apply for dog walking insurance? Please help!


    In what sense?


    it sounds to me like a young teen wanting to know if she can earn extra pocket money!


    Yes, i am a teen looking to abit of money but i have worked with lots of animals including dogs and love them as i want to work with them when I’m older! I have my National Insurance Card?


    you’re 15 yes? would it not be be better for you to do say kennel work? Look at petsmiles or the jobcentre website, round your area are a few kennels, or look at vets as well.

    You are going to have to look at start up costs, business cards, insurance, etc

    Obviously you havent a car, so how would you transport the dogs if anything should happen and you need to get them to their vet?

    Most dog owners who want their dog walked want it done during the week during the day, how are you going to accomodate that?

    Just some points to think over, at least if you work for an employer you wont have the extra expenses


    Yes, My mom would walk with me and we would have her car to the parks we went to, and I have home schooling so dont have lessons everyday. Can’t seem to find any kennel work round my area ”/


    where are you based? America? try a local search on line for vets, kennels and rescue centres that may need help. You could ask neighbours with pets if they would let you walk/help with their animals

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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