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    Hi all i have a dog walking group i will post some of our walks if anyone is intrested in coming you can let me know.


    I would I;m not far from you at all


    what does your dog walking group entail – how many dogs – what types of walks i.e. parks, woodlands etc.  How many dogs?  Where do you mainly walk? and when?  Age groups and breeds. 

    There was a dog walking group southside of glasgow and it was a shamble – more about gossiping and tittattling – standing about – waiting on dogs getting wound up and a fight ensuing – no focus no direction.  Walking should be about walking – socialising for the dogs  ;D


    Our walks are social walks and are not extreme walks, though they can be several hours long. The pace of our walks is set by the slowest walker and we do not leave people behind. Owners are responsible for their own dogs behaviour, and we recommend that some form of obedience training is undertaken to ensure your dog is under control.


    Our next walk: 4th Oct Sat Walk:Chatlerhault country park Hamilton Scotland.
    This is a great walk for dogs and keeping fit.


    I have to say Molly and I have joined in on these walks and they are excellent.  The dogs and people are all very friendly. I am looking forward to our next walk – it is great exercise for both human and dogs.


    oooh Aly12 – have you seen the little westie boy Ty in the rescue section ……..  😀 😀


    Hi Claire, I have seen him – he is gorgeous.  I just hope someone who has the time to spend with him can rehome him and build up his confidence.  I have looked at him a couple of times but he is not for me as I work 3 days a week and it wouldn’t be fair on him to be left when he still has issues. I just pra someone will come along soon.  Westies are lovely little dogs with the right owners, they are so full of character


    Thanks Aly for your nice comments on our dog walks.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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