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    Re Nat’s post about seasonal alopecia…

    Are there any other reasons why dogs might start having greater hair loss at some times than others?

    (Apart from seasonal moults of course!!)

    Rafe has spent 2 nights in my boss’s house coz I’ve been housesitting while he was away, and it’s ROASTING in there.  The aga is on all the time (can’t be switched off) and the windows can’t be kept ajar overnight for security reasons – so in the kitchen is always hot, and he’s only allowed in the kitchen.

    Anyway, brought him back to my house last night and he was shedding like mad!  He doesn’t have a typical thick flattie coat anyway, but wondered if the heat overnight could cause him to undergo a sort of moult?

    Also can imagine that stress and immune stressors could cause hair loss.

    Also noticed when had to treat him with Stronghold (as boss’s dog had suspected ear mites), that his hair fell out then – ALL his guard hairs.

    Am now wondering if it has more to do with like what Piper suffers from, as it was about this time last year when I treated him with the Stronghold…

    He hasn’t any bald patches, but his coat is very thin, and am always a little concerned when the weather is this cold (and he refuses to stay out of the water) that he might catch a chill!!

    Wonder if anyone could tell me when dogs are supposed to have seasonal moults, roughly, coz that must be to do with the light, right?



    Many dogs that live indoors moult all year round because of the heat.


    So me keeping him in a hot room for a couple of nights could be what sparked this off then?  Is same as last year – all guard hairs coming out, not the normal soft fluff that usually seems to come out when they’re moulting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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