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    this is interesting – i wonder if Many Tears could effect a similar situation here ?


    Is that how many tears get their dogs?  or do you mean if they just stopped taking in all the irish dogs and puppy farmed dogs etc that the puppy farmers might stop what they’re doing?  🙂


    I think so – after all if the puppy farmers had no where for these dogs to go when people dont buy them…………..many tears are NOT in my opinion helping but contributing to the problem  🙂



    many tears (and other rescues – it aint just them) basically act as “waste disposal” for puppy farmers.  while they continue to take the “waste” people know they are looked after etc… and nothing is done.  many tears say they are held to ransom as the farmers will shoot the dogs otherwise well – i just wonder how long it would be before disposing of as many dogs as they get handed in from pf’s would become a serious issue and once its widely known the “parents” are shot and dumped … whether it might just hilight why you shouldnt support these ppl.  at the moment as far as “buyers” are concerned – they get a cheap puppy and their conscience is clear as the “waste products” are recycled by mt + others.

    in a similar way to the “supply and demand” worked here – would market forces work against puppy farming if it was widely reported 1000’s of dogs a year were being shot and dumped to produce these cheaper pups?  In the same way that people are moving towards “organic” and “ethically produced” and “traceable food chains” etc… would there perhaps be enough to overthrow their hold 🙁

    i dont know the answer – and i also know in the meantime it would probably mean alot of dogs dying and their offspring and theirs too etc … but what if then it stopped – are their lives worth the sacrifice? 

    i know we also need alot more education and the bl**dy “instant society” needs a kick up the arse too 🙁  i just wonder thats all ….

    claire x


    Yeah, i feel that too.  Some of those dogs they get in from the same establishment, are in almost exactly the same state as each other so how do you choose which one to save/rehome?


    what needs to happen is for people to stop buying the puppies.  :-\

    though i do know of a breed rescue buying retired breeding stock off a PF – and in one way i completely disagreed as putting money in their pockets that way (in fact at all) was just  >:D – and in another way i could see why.  🙁

    and i remember my landlord buying a pup from a ‘licensed kennels’ – that i knew took puppies bred on PFs in ireland – and not a thing i could do about it – it just gave me the horrible feeling that my rent money was indirectly going to support the practice. >:D  :'(

    quote :

    Some of those dogs they get in from the same establishment, are in almost exactly the same state as each other so how do you choose which one to save/rehome?

    stop taking them, then the guilt (and hopefully press exposure) lies with the puppy farmers.  in some ways, any dog rescue taking on a dog which is being ditched out of convenience is supporting the idea that animals are disposable just like leaving your old chair at the tip 🙁  i do wonder sometimes if there were no rescues whether people who had already sent one dog to rescue (or in the case on no rescues had it pts) would then go and get another (as they tend to do).

    however there are many GENUINE cases of rescue

    claire x


    this is completely and utterly off topic and nothing to do with it at all but i just had a thought and had to ask and couoldn’t think where – is the fact that you have a wills and harry in your house coincidence or deliberate?  ??? 🙂



    it certainly isnt deliberate in the “royal sons” connection way lol !!

    William – came with his name and we never thought of changing it

    Harry – maternal grandad was Henry (known as Harry – shortened version), paternal grandad was Harry as middle name, and of course after the one and only HP who kept me sane but slightly aloof through my pregnancy !

    He was going to be Ruby after my nan who was Henry (Harry’s) wife. 

    We did briefly toy with calling Bonnie Mary to have a William & Mary because they’re the mice in the witches but she just dont look like a mary and we couldnt think of anything better so she kept hers.

    Claire x

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